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Basketball Play - ATL Horns Flare

ATL Horns Flare

Daniel Murphy 04/28/2014

Atl initiated this Horns play with the same transition staggered screen. This time the the passer recieved a flare screen on the weakside instead of following for the strong side pindown. Because x3 chased the flare screen x4 and x1 both helped on o3 opening up the corner 3 for o1 See More

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Basketball Play - UVA Chest Set Play vs M2M

UVA Chest Set Play vs M2M

Dana Beszczynski 04/02/2014

The Virginia Cavaliers are peaking at the right time and their run in the NCAA Tournament is going too be one too watch. Head Coach Tony Bennett comes from a strong coaching pedigree. This set play is run out of Transition and has the similar set-up to their Blocker Mover Offensive pattern. There are multiple scoring options off this set and the movement, spacing and timing are impeccable. See More

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Basketball Play - Louisville- Option For Shooters

Louisville- Option For Shooters

Jake Presutti 03/20/2014

Louisville ran this set in the AAC Championship game vs Connecticut. The first option out of transition is to get a quick down screen to get Luke Hancock a quick 3pt shot. If that is not open, Louisville will then look for a flare screen for their point guard. The last screen is for Russ Smith to come off a down screen on the opposite side of the court. If Smith does not have a play he will look for Montrezl Harrell in the post. This set gives Louisville options on the offensive end and allows their playmakers freedom on offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona DHO/Flare

Arizona DHO/Flare

Dana Beszczynski 03/14/2014

The Arizona Wildcats ran this play in their victory against the Oregon Ducks. Executing the DHO out of Transition, the Wildcats use good ball & player movement to create multiple scoring opportunities. The exchange at the end of the play between Johnson & Tarczewski is a credit to how well coached Sean Miller's team is, being able to quickly read the defense and take advantage of what is given. See More

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Basketball Play - Belmont Drag Screen Action

Belmont Drag Screen Action

Dana Beszczynski 02/20/2014

Rick Byrd is a master tactician as evident by the number and variety of sets he runs with the Belmont Bruins. The Bruins are also one of the most sound fundamental teams in America. This Drag Screen out of Transition is run perfectly setting up a Hi / Lo at the end with the Post Man working in a 4 Out 1 In look. The Bruins utitlize the G-G screen as an option to bring Bradshaw into a possible 3 pt shooting position. See More

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Basketball Play - Zip Lob

Zip Lob

Randy Brown 01/08/2014

This is a great play in transition or as a set play. 1 passes ahead and screen for 5 and come high off 4's down screen. Ball reversed from 2 to 1 as 4 bac screens for 3 for lob. Last option is 3 using double screens from 2 and 5 for shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Bluejays Box

Bluejays Box

Dana Beszczynski 12/05/2013

The Creighton Bluejays run a variety of sets designed to get Doug McDermott open looks at the basket. McDermott returned to school this year instead of turning pro to help the Bluejays transition into their new conference, the Big East. Creighton Head Coach Greg McDermott is in his 4th season at Creighton with a record of 84-30. He came to the Bluejays after coaching at Iowa State. At Creighton, he has taken them to two consecutive NCAA Tournaments and before that to the Finals of the CBI Tournament. Doug McDermott was a 1st team All American in 2012, was Captain of the World University Games USA team this summer where he led the team in scoring, FG's, FT's, 3 pointers, FT %, and minutes played. Last year he set the Creighton single season and career record for points, FG's & 3 pt percentage. He is one of the top players in the NCAA. The Bluejays are currently 5-1 on the season. See More

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Basketball Play - UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

UCLA Back Screen / Stagger Action

Dana Beszczynski 12/03/2013

This is the opening play run by the UCLA Bruins in their match-up against Nevada the ther night. Steve Alford is in his first season at the head of the storied UCLA program. Alford left New Mexico where he built a winning program and made the Lobos a yearly team for discussion come NCAA Tourmament time. This play is a well designed action run out of Transition as the flashing post takes away thte weak side help on the backdoor action which opens the play. The stagger screen is set-up by the down screen at the elbow for the PG. With a good screening action, the Bruins were able to get an open look at the three right at the outset of the game. See More

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Basketball Play - Colorado 1-4 High Offense

Colorado 1-4 High Offense

Alan Peel 12/03/2013

This is a diagram of a play that Colorado ran as a set play against Harvard in their game on November 24. The play can result in a three-point shot or a post feed. The play also helps Colorado transition into their half court motion offense if they do not score off of the set play. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa State Shuffle Post

Iowa State Shuffle Post

Dana Beszczynski 12/02/2013

Fred Hoiberg has turned around the fortunes of the Iowa State Mens Basketball program in a short amount of time His experiece in the NBA is evident in the sets they run This is a nice Post Iso action for the 5 man run out of transition with the 5 man initiating the action with the dribble flip pass entry to the PF The Shuffle Screen outside the lane sets up the post entry pass from the wing or the STS action can yield an open 3 pt shot off the FT line screen action Iowa State is a team on the rise this year and their statement win over Michigan proves that fact! See More

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Basketball Play - Badger Stagger 2

Badger Stagger 2

Dana Beszczynski 11/14/2013

This is an interesting play run out of Transition by Wisconsin in their game against Billy Donovans Florida Gators. It starts with a dribble entry clearing the wing to the opposite side to set the 1st of 2 stagger screens for the 2 man The post man steps off the elbow into a SPNP action The PG comes off the ball screen with two different options or can drive the open side See More

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Basketball Play - 3-3 Conversion

3-3 Conversion

Daniel Murphy 09/30/2013

Drill stolen from Coach Bob Hurley of St. Anthony H.S. He in turn got it from Dick Harter. As a rule the player who defensive rebounds or takes the ball out of bounds after a score is on offense and the old offense always converts to defense. This is similar to 11 man break or other 3-3 drills where the defense comes in from the sideline, but in my opinion is a little more practical because the defense had to convert from offense and is in a more realistic game scenario. Many successful coaches believe transition defense is one of the top 3 skills a team must have. As such, defensive transition should be drilled daily. A note about drills-make sure to teach the skills you want. Stopping the ball, protecting the basket, communicating, screening, passing, cuttining etc. You can play this drill for a set amount of time ie. 8 minutes and keep score. Depending on what you as a coach want to emphasize, points can be given or taken for offensive rebounds, turnovers etc. Because it is 3-3 conversion, a short clock can be used to promote an aggressive offensive attack. See More

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