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Basketball Play - Dallas Mavericks - Flip Baseline Exit

Dallas Mavericks - Flip Baseline Exit

Lucas Shapiro 02/02/2016

Chandler Parsons is not just a great salesman when it comes to attracting free agents to his team, but he is also a great salesman on the basketball court. In this misdirection action for a short corner look, Parsons does a great job of acting like he is cutting across the baseline and turns around right in time to receive a screen from Saleh Mejri. This is another good example of a coach knowing where his players like to score from and getting them an easy look. See More

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Basketball Play - C2E Crossover Spin-Handle Permutations

C2E Crossover Spin-Handle Permutations

Rick Allison 01/16/2015

This is a training progression for one or more players to improve their ballhandling transtions from one or more crossovers into a spin crossover. It begins with a simple front cross into spin crossover and progresses to more challenging combinations and permutations as the player develops more confidence and dexterity. Alternating dominant and non-dominant hands are incorporated to facilitate movement across the court. See More

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