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Basketball Play - Freeze Pull Ups

Freeze Pull Ups

Tim Springer 09/28/2012

1 will give multiple crossovers stationary to set up the defender. 1 then transitions to a quick between the legs move to sell the go, but pulls up into jump shot (freeze pull up). Drill: Use 3 change of directions stationary into a quick between the legs and freeze pullup. Make 15 going towards the baseline and 15 towards the elbow on both sides of the court. See More

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Basketball Play - Read and React Continuous

Read and React Continuous

Coach Czes 09/24/2012

Pass down the line and cut to a transition spot. 5-on-5 Live Make or miss, transition to other end. 5-on-5 Live while team that was out goes 5-on-0. Important to get into 5-on-0 IMMEDIATELY. When 5-on-5 possession ends, coach yells "SCORE!" and the 5-on-0 team puts the ball in the basket and transitions to the other end. Continue and repeat. See More

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