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Basketball Play - Toronto Raptors - Pistol Options

Toronto Raptors - Pistol Options

Cooper Smither 01/09/2018

This early offense action is widely used throughout the entire NBA, as well as through other levels of basketball. The version the Toronto Raptors have used over the past couple seasons has manufactured many mismatches for their talented back court, as it allows them to attack downhill while the defense is not set, but also creates advantages for secondary players as well. See More

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Basketball Play - Drift Pass Progression Drills

Drift Pass Progression Drills

Michael Shaughnessy 06/09/2017

A drift pass is made from a baseline drive or catch where you force rotation from the defense. Teammates should be spaced in the opposite corner or slot. If they are not in position as the catch or drive occurs, then it is his or her responsibility to move to those spots as an outlet for their teammate. Baseline drives either force defense to rotate with the help defender covering down on the big or the defense begins to ball watch losing sight of their match up and being late on the closeout. See More

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Basketball Play - Offensive Rebounding Concepts

Offensive Rebounding Concepts

Jordan Petersen 06/08/2017

Examining some of the recent trends in offensive rebounding concepts. The weakside flood was made famous by Illinois coach Brad Underwood. The triangle concept is a more traditional approach. The abandonment concept is a new trend that many colleges and NBA teams like the Nets, Hawks, Spurs and Warriors have implemented. See More

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Basketball Play - Golden State Warriors Double Drag

Golden State Warriors Double Drag

Adam Spinella 05/22/2017

Golden State is a great defensive team, so they get to attack on offense multiple times per game before a defense gets set. When Curry has true post players surrounding him, the Warriors will often run into Double Drag, a double-high ball screen action that strikes before a defense can properly get into position. Because of the spacing of shooters in the corners and the attention Steph receives in ball screens, the rim is often left unguarded. See More

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