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About This Play/Drill

This is a diagram of a play that Colorado ran as a set play against Harvard in their game on November 24.  The play can result in a three-point shot or a post feed.  The play also helps Colorado transition into their half court motion offense if they do not score off of the set play.

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  • Basketball Play - Colorado 1-4 High Offense

Frame 1
The play begins with #1 entering the ball to either wing. For the purposes of this sequence of diagrams, #1 will pass to #2.


Once #1 makes the pass to the wing, he will execute a UCLA cut off of a back screen set by the ball-side post. The ball-side post will not take more than one step from the elbow.

Frame 2
If #2 cannot enter the ball to #1 coming off of the UCLA cut, he will pass the ball to #3 who cuts directly to the top of the key.

Frame 3
Once #3 catches the pass from #2, #1 comes off of a pin-down screen set by #5. If #1 catches, he can shoot or enter the ball to #5 in the low post.

Frame 4
Should #3 not be able to pass to #1, #4 will set a pin-down screen for #2 and #3 will pass the ball back to #2. #2 can shoot or enter to #4 who will post up in the low post.