Fast Break Shot Drill - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a great drill to start practice with. Gets players moving, passing, shooting and demands focus on technique.

Re-create the types of shots you get in your half court or transition offense

  • Basketball Play - Fast Break Shot Drill
  • Basketball Play - Fast Break Shot Drill
  • Basketball Play - Fast Break Shot Drill
  • All players have ball except first player in each line


    Players line up above the elbows and well outside the 3 point line.


    Coach says go and first person in line sprints to touch sideline. They cut in from sideline to catch a pass for jump shot.


    Passer must be in a good stance and deliver the pass "on time-on target".


    We do not count the shot if the following things happen

    1. Bad pass/stance from passer

    2. Travel on catch

    3. Pass arrives too early

    4. Pass arrives late


    First team to 5 makes wins. We have the losing team do 5 pushups then change sides quickly and go again


    Variation: Add a one dribble jumper on the catch

  • In this variation we have the lines on the wing at the free throw line extended.


    On go, first person sprints to half and then back to top of floor to receive pass for shot. This simulates a trail jump shot

  • In this variation, player without ball starts in corner.


    On go, passer penetrates and then makes a kick out pass for a jumper


    Passer fills corner and next penetration is not allowed to start until next person is in corner and ready to go