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Basketball Play - UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break (Base Action)

Randy Sherman 03/13/2017

This is the base action of the UNC Tar Heels Secondary Break. It begins with a rebound and wide outlet pass. Post makes hard RIM RUN! On ball reversal through the trailer, the wing goes over the block to backscreen for trailer. If ball is not in the the air for lob, cross screen and look to enter to 5 or run your termination offense. The video shows some counters for the break and a step out three by the back-screener! For more one UNC Secondary Break click here. See More

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Basketball Play - Shooting Warmup

Shooting Warmup

John Leonzo 06/02/2016

This is part of John Leonzo's Solo Summer Shooting Workout. I recommend making no fewer than 200 shots a day, 6 days a week. Be sure to remind your players that there is no magic in the drills, in the facility, or in the coach that is with them, the magic is in the work. Improvement has a knack for following consistent work ethic and persistence. See More

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Basketball Play - Coastal Carolina  Double Stagger

Coastal Carolina Double Stagger

Andrew Greer 03/21/2015

Coastal Carolina used this set on their first scoring play against Wisconsin in their Round 2 matchup. The Chanticleers used this action multiple times adding a few different wrinkles with ball screens along the way. This set starts out in a horns look but then uses back to back stagger screens bringing the ball side guard around on the final screen. See More

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Basketball Play - End of Clock ISO

End of Clock ISO

Andrew Greer 02/28/2015

Set from Donnie Tyndall that he ran at the end of the 1st half vs. Vanderbilt on 2/26/15. Multiple actions that turn into an isolation set or a two man game. Great way to get the ball to your best player in space if he/she is not your point guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Wing Square-Ups

Wing Square-Ups

FastModel Sports 01/27/2015

The purpose of this drill is to practice squaring up hard on the wing; in other words, getting your shoulders turned all the way towards the basket and forcing your defender to move backwards in order to avoid committing a foul. Players pass the ball to a coach at the top of the 3-point line, take a step towards the basket, and then square-up to the basket as they receive the ball back from the coach. Once receiving the ball, they swing the ball aggressively over the tops of their shoes (low to the ground) and attack the basket along the baseline. Lines alternate driving along the baseline until the team makes 30 lay-ups, and then both lines switch to attacking middle for 30 made lay-ups. Players can switch up the type of lay-up they do to add variety to the drill. This is a drill for the whole team, not just your wing players. See More

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