2 on 2 on Top - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill


  • Drill for jumping to the ball in deny stance
  • Defending long fast basket cuts
  • Denying out and forcing catches going away from the basket
  • Make sure on the ball defenders follow "rooftop rules" with their stance and angle. 

Drill Advancements:

When the ball is on the wing and the cutter is emptying, have wing player make a baseline drive so defender must sit on midline and help on drive (don't chase cutter without losing sight of the ball)

Coach calls "Live!" at any time and the drill becomes 4v2 Live with the two defended players as the cutter and the undefended players as screeners.


  • Basketball Play - 2 on 2 on Top
  • Basketball Play - 2 on 2 on Top
  • Basketball Play - 2 on 2 on Top
  • Basketball Play - 2 on 2 on Top
  • Drill begins with two offensive players filling the high elbows. Two passers fill the wings


    Player 1 starts with the ball


    X1 is down in a defensive stance


    X2 is in a deny stance (hand and foot in passing lane, chin on shoulder, palm away, thumb down)


    1 passes to 2

  • On the flight of the pass:

    X1 jumps to the ball and into the deny stance.


    X1 should be halfway "up the line" between ball and man.


    2 has the option of passing back to 1 or to the wide open 4 (shown)

  • On the flight of the pass from 2 to 4, X2 jumps to the ball into deny stance.


    2 basket cuts and X2 must defend the basketcut


    1 drives to the nail then fills the opposite high elbow


    X1 must deny out and force 1 to catch going away from the basket with back to the rim

  • Drill continues with 1 and 2 attempting to pass to one another


    Anytime pass is made from high elbow to the wing the passer cuts and the defender jumps to the ball to defend the cut. The opposite offensive player cuts to the nail then fills the vacant high elbow with their defender denying out.