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About This Play/Drill

A basic summary of the Virginia Cavaliers Mover-Blocker Offense (Lane-Lane mode, their most common alignment)


  • The three "movers" (colored in pink) cut and fill maintaining top-side-side alignment. The point and each wing should be filled by the movers.
  • In "lane-lane" the blockers are restricted to screening along the lane line extended for the movers. They can set flare screens for a player cutting off the point, they can set pin screens for cutters exiting the lane. They can downscreen for movers. 
  • Anytime a mover pin screens along the lane lane, he then immediately buries his man and posts up
  • Blockers cannot change sides of the the floor or screen for one another
  • Think of it as a game of 3-on-3 among the movers and the defenders with screening help from the blockers along the lane line
  • Movers center the basketball so the ball can see both actions. 

Any questions about motion offense or basketball x's&o's in general:



  • Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)
  • Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)
  • Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)
  • Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)
  • Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)
  • Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)
  • Lane-Lane

    Movers begin in a point-wing-wing or "top-side-side" alignment


    In "lane-lane" the Blockers are restricted to screening only on their side of the floor and only along the lane line extended. They may slide up and down the lane line to set screens.

  • This is NOT a patterned offense!

    But UVA does have actions they prefer.


    1 can pass to either wing.


    The "Movers"(colored in red) cut and fill and maintain "top-side-side" balance. They can move and fill so long as they maintain top-side-side balance.


    Getting the ball to the center of the court is key, then the ball-handler can see both screening actions. Commonly, UVA uses a flare screen and pin screen combo.

  • UVA will often rescreen for the cutter off the flare screen if the flare screen was not well-timed with the centering of the ball.


    2 can pass to 1 who may curl, back cut, straight cut or out cut depending on how the cutter is defended.

  • When the ball is caught by a wing player he typically centers with the dribble and two actions occur.


    Again, the movers have NO predetermined action. The three of them work together to maintain top-side-side alignment. As they are moving, the blockers move up and down the lane line on their side of the court screening for them.

  • Other possible top-side-side actions

  • Other possible top-side-side actions