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Basketball Play - Chop


Alan Peel 04/17/2014

This is a play that was made popular by the University of Kansas that many teams have adopted for late-game situations. For more, check out the website, sign up for a membership, and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa State Shuffle Post

Iowa State Shuffle Post

Dana Beszczynski 12/02/2013

Fred Hoiberg has turned around the fortunes of the Iowa State Mens Basketball program in a short amount of time His experiece in the NBA is evident in the sets they run This is a nice Post Iso action for the 5 man run out of transition with the 5 man initiating the action with the dribble flip pass entry to the PF The Shuffle Screen outside the lane sets up the post entry pass from the wing or the STS action can yield an open 3 pt shot off the FT line screen action Iowa State is a team on the rise this year and their statement win over Michigan proves that fact! See More

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Basketball Play - Texas X

Texas X

Jon Pillow 04/28/2013

The 1 will pick a side. The ball side guard will clear to the opposite wing. Ball side post will set a "Texas" screen. The backside guard MUST time his screen right when he screens for the screener. The 1 will come off his screen and drag the defense while looking for the 5 to come clear. If he is open he will throw the lob. If the lob is not open the 1 will reverse the ball to the 2 and cut ball side corner. The 4 will fill the high post looking for the pass from 2. On the pass to the 4 the 5 will look to flip or seal his man. If we cannot get the Hi Lo action then the 4 will reverse the ball to the 3 and set a stagger with the 2 for the 1. We are now into a Hi Lo base motion. See More

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Basketball Play - Horns Set - Iso Dribble Handoff - 34-5

Horns Set - Iso Dribble Handoff - 34-5

Bert DeSalvo 12/13/2012

At Clarion University WBB, we have an All-American caliber type of player, sophomore, Hannah Heeter. During her freshman year, she was the only freshman in Division I or Division II Women's Basketball to average a double-double. Considering her talents, I wanted to develop multiple quick hitters to allow Heeter to be the dynamic player/playmaker that she is. See More

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Basketball Play - Temple Early Offense

Temple Early Offense

Dana Beszczynski 12/08/2012

Temple ran this Early Offense set in their match-up against Villanova They do a good job with spacing and the ball reversal sets up the flare screen for a possible shot or quick entry pass to the post man off the flare Fran Dunphy's teams are well drilled and do a good job executing their sets See More

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Basketball Play - Regular


Rich Czeslawski 08/07/2012

In our initial secondary break, 1 chooses to run the right or left lane line and looks to advance the ball down the floor to the 2 or 3 for an easy layup. If 2 or 3 are not open, 1 should look to the post (4 or 5) who has run to the front of the rim. If the ball cannot be entered there, 1 will reverse to the trail post (4 or 5) who immediately reverses the ball to 3. Once the 3 has the ball, he looks to feed the post for a layup. If that is not available, 3 reverses the ball to the 2 who has come off a staggered double screen by 1 and 4. 2 is looking for the three point scoring opportunity. If 2 does not shoot the three point shot, 4 may step out for ball reversal or set a downscreen for 1 which will get us into the majority of our offensive sets/series that we run. With 1 now in possession of the ball, we are able to go to our motion, flex, or fist series' as well as any of our specials. In this diagram, we will run 2 through to the right side and be able to run any of our specials from a 1-4 high set. See More

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Basketball Play - Carolina Flare

Carolina Flare

Rich Czeslawski 06/07/2012

Carolina Flare begins the same way as Carolina. 1 reverses to 4 who reverses to 3. 5 posts up above the ball side block. 2 sets up his backpick by moving to the weak block. 4 cuts off 2's backpick to the weak block. If he is open, 3 should "shoot" him the ball. If we need the three, 3 will not pass the ball. On 3's dribble to the top of the key, 5 will come up and set a flare screen for 2. 2 reads his defender and flares to the wing for the three point shot. 3 passes to 2 for the three point shot. 5 can slip to the basket for a layup if x5 helps on 2. Or 5 can screen away for the 4 to create our high - low motion action. See More

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