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About This Play/Drill

We are a base 4-out team and we use a lot of dribble drive action in our motion.  Here is an easy way to create a driving angle and backdoor.  We run this after we run our "Trigger" set that has multiple drives to the elbow.

  • Basketball Play - Cleveland
  • Basketball Play - Cleveland
  • 1 passes the ball to 4 in the slot position. 1 then makes a v-cut.


    4 will execute a scoring drive towards the elbow.

  • 3 will start to cut to the ball as if he was going to catch a pitch/handoff, then cuts backdoor. If 3 doesnt get the ball he cuts always to the corner.


    5 will flash to the 2 notch on the lane line. 2 will lift up to the wing.


    1 will bubble to become the safety valve.