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Basketball Play - Zone Offense: Baseline Overload - "Kentucky"

Zone Offense: Baseline Overload - "Kentucky"

Matt Hackenberg 12/14/2021

We used this set to overload the baseline against a 3-2 or 2-3 zones. Our objective is to get the ball to the middle, but sometimes the corner three is there if the defense doesn't shift correctly. The timing of 5's seal is key to getting the curl into the middle. Once the ball goes to the middle, there are great opportunities to score or skip the ball. See video clip below. Browse more coaching content available on the Sellfy store: Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO See More

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Basketball Play - Dynamic Warmup for Basketball

Dynamic Warmup for Basketball

Matt Hackenberg 12/03/2021

In this diagram and embedded video we look at our basic dynamic warmup we do each practice. It goes through some of the theory behind what we do and shows the basic stretches. We tended to do a dynamic warmup before practice, and a static stretch after practice. Getting the body prepared for practice is crucial to performance and injury prevention. Visit my Sellfy store for detailed coaching materials written by me - Follow me on Twitter - @CoachHackGO See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa State Cyclones (W) - 1-4 High Iverson Post Iso

Iowa State Cyclones (W) - 1-4 High Iverson Post Iso

Aseem Rastogi 03/27/2019

With 33 seconds left in the third quarter of their Round of 32 matchup with Missouri State, Iowa State's Women's team ran this 1-4 high set to get a post isolation for 6'1" forward Madison Wise, taking advantage of a matchup with a smaller defender. The key to this was Wise's ability to change pace and speed coming across the top of the key; the timing allowed her to keep the defender on her back as she established position on the mid-post. Iowa State ran this to perfection late clock and ended up sending Wise to the FT line to cut the Missouri State lead to 4 going into the fourth. See More

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