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Published 09/30/2021 by Joel Hueser Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Stop-Score-Stop is a highly competitive scrimmage drill. Every possession counts (as they should).

  • Basketball Play - Stop-Score-Stop

Drill Flow:

Highly competitive drill we've really come to love! Played almost daily.

-Team 1 ball on offense. 1 is trying to get a

score followed by a transition defensive stop then

completed with another offensive score. If these three results occur, team 1 earns 3 points (one for each “win” during the possession.

-Simultaneously team 2 is attempting to get a half

court stop, followed by a transition score, then complete with a transition stop. If these three results occur, team 2 earns the 3 points.

-As you do this drill, you will see that if 1 scores and

then 2 scores, neither team can complete their

desired outcome and earn the 3 points. In this instance the team that earns the “win” on final trip, earns 1 point.

-We usually play to 10 points (or by time). Be careful not to over coach.