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Basketball Play - 11 Man Fast Break Drill

11 Man Fast Break Drill

Michael Lynch 06/24/2018

The 11 Man Fastbreak is one of our players' favorite drills. It is essentially a continous 3 on 2 transition drill that we use to emphasize pitch aheads and "Finding Advantages." This is generally a drill where I try not to blow the whistle much, but I will blow the whistle if we are straying from our transtion principles. I generally choose to emphasize 1) Running the Sideline Hard, 2) Hunting Pitch Ahead Passes, 3) Keeping Advantages Alive, and 4) Attacking the Rim. Check out more from Coach Lynch and his Seamless Offensive appraoch on the FMS Blog: Program Spotlight - Leicester Wolverines Skill Building for Dribble Drive Motion Offense Keys to Designing a DDM Practice Plan See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense

4 Out 1 In Motion Offense

Shannon Clancy 04/18/2018

This 4 out, 1 in motion style offense is not a patterned or continuity style offense, but rather a set of rules designed to give players the ability to read and react to the defense. This offense is easy to learn yet hard to perfect. It's also very hard to scout and prepare for once fully implemented, due to its read and react nature. It is best used by teams that are guard heavy, but can be adjusted to fit any type of lineup. Jr. Wizards Coaches Manual See More

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Basketball Play - Loyola-Chicago - Doubling the Post

Loyola-Chicago - Doubling the Post

Matt Wheeler 03/31/2018

Loyola-Chicago doesn't have great size in the post especially when their starting 6'9" center Cameron Krutwig goes to the bench. So they will double team when teams try to post them up. They will usually bring the extra defender from one of three areas: from the top, from the baseline and from the closest perimeter player. Skilled teams can make you pay for putting an extra player on the ball. Passing it out of the double team will put the defense in outnumbered situations. The Ramblers excel in rotating out of these situations to get matched up before the offense can make them pay. See More

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Basketball Play - March Madness Playbook

March Madness Playbook

FastModel Sports 04/05/2017

To send the Playbook to your FastDraw, click the "Send to FastDraw" button above. After you enter the email address you use in FastDraw, click FastTrade, at the top of FastDraw, and open your FastTrade Manager. Find the new message, put a checkmark next to it, and click "Add to Library." The PDF of the playbook is available by clicking here See More

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Basketball Play - Find Use Create - Advantage States

Find Use Create - Advantage States

Randy Sherman 03/03/2017

DISADVANTAGE The trap on the ball creates a disadvantage for the offense. Two defensive players are guarding one offensive player. AVOID disadvantage situations! NEUTRAL Defenders are matched up and neither the offense nor the defense is at an advantage. The opponent's defense in organized and the offense must find and/or create an advantage ADVANTAGE The offense has created a small advantage situation via the dribble penetration. The pass to 4 transfers the advantage giving 4 a "one second lead" and a big advantage An example of using the small advantage to find a big advantage Big Advantage - Dynamic 1v1 Now 4 has a dynamic 1v1 where they can shoot or attack the momentum of X4, but they must maintain the one second advantage See More

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