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About This Play/Drill

In this diagram and embedded video we look at our basic dynamic warmup we do each practice. It goes through some of the theory behind what we do and shows the basic stretches. We tended to do a dynamic warmup before practice, and a static stretch after practice. Getting the body prepared for practice is crucial to performance and injury prevention.

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  • Basketball Play - Dynamic Warmup for Basketball

In a single file line, players go up and down the court at the same pace as they go through dynamic stretches. A senior will lead.

-Lunges with Trunk Rotation

-Reverse Lunges with Trunk Rotation

-Hip Stretch with Trunk Twist

-Knee to Chest on Toes (High Knee)

-Hamstring Stretch on Toes

-Quad Stretch on Toes (Butt to Knee)

-High Kicks

-Broad Jump


-Squat Pivot

-Sprint/Back Pedal

-Defensive Slides