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I am currently a high school varsity assistant for the boys team at Ridgewood High School in Ridgewood, NJ.  I was previously the head coach at Ramapo High School for one season and Fair Lawn High School for two seasons.  Prior to that I coached the junior varsity teams at Ridgewood High School and Pascack Valley High School for a combined total of seven years.  In addition to coaching high school boys in NJ, I also coach a 5th and 6th grade AAU team for the Ridgewood Irish and I am an instructor for PGC Basketball in the summer. 

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Basketball Play - Ball Screen Series

Ball Screen Series

James Ponchak 04/11/2015

Here is a series of drills that Coach Hurley uses at Saint Anthony to work on ball screen reads. It is a great example of how your skill work can build your offense. I like that Coach Hurley is creating good habits for his athletes while simultaneously developing their skills within the offense. This is a good concept to think about and use to develop drills that will create good habits within your offense. As we teach at PGC Basketball, "In moments of extreme pressure, athletes revert to their most deeply held habits." See More

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Basketball Play - Wichita State: 1-4 Punch Rip

Wichita State: 1-4 Punch Rip

James Ponchak 03/22/2015

Wichita State ran this play against Indiana for their first basket in the NCAA tournament. Ron Baker ripped the ball middle and drove left for the finish, but he also had Darius Carter posting up on the block as an option. If you are looking for a postup, having VanVleet screen for Carter would create a mismatch if they switch the screen. VanVleet could then cut off a screen from Cotton to the wing to still create a lane for Baker to rip and drive left. 23 - Fred VanVleet 31 - Ron Baker 3 - Evan Wessel 12 - Darius Carter 32 - Tekele Cotton See More

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Basketball Play - 15 Flash

15 Flash

James Ponchak 03/22/2015

Indiana ran 15 Flash for their first basket against Wichita State in the 2015 NCAA tournament. Yogi Ferrell had a clear path to the basket. If the shot wasn't there; he had a forward diving to the weakside block, shooters in both corners, and a safety valve up top. Indiana Lineup 1 - James Blackmon Jr. 4 - Robert Johnson 5 - Troy Williams 11 - Yogi Ferrell 30 - Collin Hartman See More

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Basketball Play - Dartmouth: Diamond

Dartmouth: Diamond

James Ponchak 03/09/2015

Here is the baseline out of bounds play that Dartmouth ran with 1.9 seconds left to beat Yale 59 to 58 on Saturday March 7, 2015. Dartmouth was down 1 at the time and scored on the lob to 5 who caught the ball and made the layup for an and 1 to win the game. A three for 1 on the wing is also a good option off of this action if you need a three. See More

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