Tom Izzo: Jump to the Ball - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a drill from Tom Izzo for working on your help defense.  I like the way Coach Izzo lines up between the two lines and gives the help defender feedback as he teaches his help philosophy. 

  • Basketball Play - Tom Izzo: Jump to the Ball
  • Frame 1

- 2 and 1 are lined up 1 foot off the lane line extended

- x2 starts on the ball and x1 starts in help

- 2 and 1 pass the ball back and forth

- x2 and x1 work on transitioning from help defense to on the ball defense


- Coach is lined up with help defender and talks him through help, "You're looking at me. Can you see both?"

  • Frame 2

- Add 1 dribble to the middle

- Help defender works on staying low, taking 1 step to the dribbler, when the dribbler starts to pick up his dribble, the help releases back to his man