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About This Play/Drill

Wichita State ran this play against Indiana for their first basket in the NCAA tournament.  Ron Baker ripped the ball middle and drove left for the finish, but he also had Darius Carter posting up on the block as an option.  If you are looking for a postup, having VanVleet screen for Carter would create a mismatch if they switch the screen.  VanVleet could then cut off a screen from Cotton to the wing to still create a lane for Baker to rip and drive left.  


23 - Fred VanVleet

31 - Ron Baker

3 - Evan Wessel

12 - Darius Carter

32 - Tekele Cotton

  • Basketball Play - Wichita State: 1-4 Punch Rip

- 23 throws a pass to the elbow for 31

- 31 holds his man with a forearm and releases to go get the ball after 23 throws the pass

- 12 plants his right leg between his defender's legs and spins through the lane to seal his defender on his back

- 3 walks in two steps from the 3 point line

- 23 cuts to the wing

- 31 rips the ball middle and attacks the basket