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Basketball Play - Marquette Shooting

Marquette Shooting

null null 03/17/2014

This is a 10 player shooting drill with 3 basketballs and 1 basket. There are 8 total spots and shoot from each spot for 1 minute, for 8 minutes total. 4 midrange spots and 4 3 point shots. This is a good shooting drill for a team with 20 players in the gym. You can add other shots such as off the dribble. See More

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Basketball Play - 10 in 1 Shooting Drill

10 in 1 Shooting Drill

Kyle Gilreath 09/06/2013

This is one of my favorite shooting drills of all time. It combines shooting, conditioning, and mental toughness to fight through fatigue. I got this drill from Embry-Riddle Head Coach Steve Ridder many years ago when I was a youngster attending team camp with my dad. This drill will test any player who thinks they are a great shooter and make them prove it! Goal: Good Players: 10 Great Players: 11 Elite Players: 12+ See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Stagger 2/3 & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 08/03/2013

Stagger screen for either of your best shooters. If 5 man helps too much on the screen, make sure to look inside for the slip instead of screen and space. In frame 3 you can see the spacing and how 5, 3 and 1 spread the floor. If you have more coaches you can have 3 take the shot off the curl and have a coach make two passes to 1 or add another coach and have one coach pass to 1 and another coach pass to 2. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop 2 & Shooting Breakdown

Loop 2 & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 08/02/2013

Simple entry into a side ball screen. If you are fortunate enough to have some assistant coaches or managers and can have them pass, then you can run through your offense and get game spot shots at the same time. Be creative and I'm sure you can find a way to make a shooting drill out of your 5-0 offense. This will save you time and get players realistic shots within the offense. See More

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