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Dan Murphy enters his fourth season as the freshmen basketball coach and varsity assistant at Ledyard High School in Ledyard, CT.  The varsity team has increased their win total each of the past seasons going from 9 to 15 to 20 wins.  Murphy also coaches AAU with the CT Storm. 

Prior to entering coaching Murphy played collegiately at the University of Connecticut-Avery Point (04-06).

Murphy is a graduate of the University of Connecticut, 2006 with a B.A. in American Studies and the University of New Haven, 2008 with a M.S. in Education. 

Coach Murphy loves the competition and camaraderie of basketball and says the most satisfying aspects of coaching are seeing player’s personal growth and athletic and academic improvement. 

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Basketball Play - Continuity Zone Offense - Rotation

Continuity Zone Offense - Rotation

Daniel Murphy 08/24/2015

This is 1-3-1 continuity zone offense used against a 2-3 zone defense. Against a zone defense offenses can become stagnant with a lack of player and ball movement. This rotation continuity allows an offense to keep flowing and have players cutting and move the ball side to side. As the ball is moved side to side players should look to drive gaps and score or make plays for teammates. Against an even front zone defense it's good to have an odd front zone offense and against an odd front zone defense it's good to have an even front zone offense. Against a zone defense it's important to "leave an area, replace an area" and reverse the ball (Hubie Brown). Cutting from behind the defense is also hard for a zone defense to guard. The 1-3-1 zone offense continuity rotation allows the offense to execute these key principles. Skip passes and screening the inside and outside of the zone are also effective. Dribble penetration vs. the zone defense is key to breaking the defense down. Driving gaps and making 2 defenders play 1 offensive player creates scoring opportunities for the offense. Pass fakes are another key to use against a zone defense. The pass fake can freeze or shift the zone. Two other important keys to beating zone defenses are to fast break and beat the zone before it's set and offensive rebound because defenders are guarding a man in their zone and are not always guarding the same man. An offensive player can be in one zone when a shot is taken but as the ball is in flight can move to a different zone, making blocking out more challenging for a defender. If a zone is overloaded on the weakside and a shot is taken from the strong side there is an offensive advantage on the weakside rebound. Also against a zone it's easier for perimeter players to rebound because their could be more offensive players on the perimeter and zone defenders near the basket don't have a man in their zone when a shot goes up. Using quick hitters in addition to a continity is a great strategy vs. zones. Quick hitters allow the offense to know who will be shooting the ball and from what spot. Coach Izzo from Michigan St. has some great quick hitters out of the 1-3-1 alignment that work well with the 1-3-1 zone continuity "Rotation." See More

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Basketball Play - Brooklyn EOG Slob

Brooklyn EOG Slob

Daniel Murphy 12/03/2014

The Nets ran this with under 10 seconds left to go in their game 3 loss to the Bulls. Johnson 2 was wide open, but held off on shooting the three to give the ball to Williams who came off a down screen and penetrated. Chicago did not want to foul, so the Nets were able to get the basket, score, foul, and come down and attempt a game tying 3 pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - 1 Out Double

1 Out Double

Daniel Murphy 11/25/2014

Another play from SVG. 2 side ball screens set for the PG. Think about the defensive coverage needed on this play and who will guard x5 rolling. With 4 spacing x4 can't tag the roll. If x2 tags the roll a corner 3 is open. How will x5 play the pick and roll? See More

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Basketball Play - Floppy C SOB

Floppy C SOB

Daniel Murphy 05/13/2014

Got this play from Marist MBB HC Jeff Bower. Coach Bower has many years of experience in the NBA which can be seen in this play. Floppy is a way to create some movement before setting the ball screen. 1 cutting to the corner and 4 spacing to the slot allow great spacing which puts pressure on the defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Spurs UCLA

Spurs UCLA

Daniel Murphy 05/05/2014

With less than a minute left in Game 6 the Spurs tied the game verse Dallas with this UCLA screen. Setting a pindown on the weakside occupied the defense. x3 jumped to the ball and stayed between the ball and his man. Manu did an excellent job of reverse pivoting and sealing Calderon and recieving a pass from Ducan. If you have a big pg or another big guard who can handle the ball and initiate the offense this is a great way to get a mismatch in the post. See More

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