Hit Ahead Shooting Series - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is an excellent shooting drill that also incorporates several moves to get shots off versus a tough defender!

  • Basketball Play - Hit Ahead Shooting Series

Hit Ahead Series


Sprint up court. Toss ball ahead of you simulating a catch at the 3 pt. line.

6 moves at each spot.

Moves are:

1. Spot up - catch and shoot

2. 1 dribble finish with layup - extend and reach to get there.

3. 2 dribble Power Layup -shoulders must be parallel to board on finish.

4. Rip and Go Opposite for layup on opposite side of rim - baby hook

5. One Dribble Pull Up Jumper

6. One Dribble Pull Up Jumper opposite direction


After shooting sprint back out and do the next move. You could also do one move at each spot then the next move, then the next, etc.