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About This Play/Drill

This form shooting drill was presented by Alex Popp, Asst Men's Basketball Coach, Holy Cross University, at the Aspire2Inspire Coaches Clinic in Providence, RI on 8-24-13.

  • Basketball Play - Form Team Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Form Team Shooting
  • Basketball Play - Form Team Shooting
  • Two ball drill - Have a pace to get a good number of shots up, however, DO NOT RUSH! Focus on mechanics


    1 shoots and moves into rebounding position

    6 has another ball and passes to 2 upon the release of 1's shots

  • 6 rebounds 1's shot, passes to 3 then moves to 1's former position


    2 shoots, 1 rebounds for 2

  • 1 rebounds 2's shot

    3 shoots

    1 passes to 4

    2 rebounds 3's shot

    1 fills 2's position



    (Rebound shot, pass two positions ahead, fill spot of shooter)




    1. Starts with feet "Toes to the Target"

    2. Knees - Bend and extend approach

    3. Wrinkle in the wrist - Ball on finger tips

    4. Elbow above the eyebrow (on follow thru)

    5. Freeze the follow thru


    **NOTE: Bring the ball to the shooting pocket, not the other way around**