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Basketball Play - Loop 2 Chase & Shooting Breakdown

Loop 2 Chase & Shooting Breakdown

Daniel Murphy 07/31/2013

Counter to Loop 2, sets up a middle ball screen. If 1 can't pass to 2 on the wing, 2 drifts to the corner and 5 ball screens 1. After 1 throws back to 5 on the pick and pop, 5 can shoot, dribble hand off with 2, pass to 2 and follow for the corner pick and roll, or drive at 2's defender to draw the help and kick out for an open 3. Coaches can pass to make this a 5-0 offensive drill in addition to a game spot shooting drill. See More

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Basketball Play - Schrempf Shooting

Schrempf Shooting

Daniel Murphy 05/29/2013

Saw Detlef Schrempf demo this on Youtube. It's one of my favorite shooting drills near the basket because it requires good footwork. If a player knows how to position their body and use their feet to set up a drop step, hook, and up and under they should be able to score near the basket. After catching and drop stepping, player 1 continues curling around the cone and catching a pass. The next shot is a catch and shoot hook. The third shot is and up and under. The fourth shot is if a player is denied a pass in the post they spins away from the defense for the lob pass. After getting the footwork down without defense then dummy defense should be applied. The defense should over play to allow the offense player to get a feel for the reads. As an offensive players skill and comfort level increases with the dummy defense, then the defense should increase their intensity. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Shot Shooting Drill

4 Shot Shooting Drill

Greg White 05/27/2013

This is a great shooting drill to use in your individula shooting workouts or if space permits to use as part of your team practice. The key is shooting at game speed from game spots. The 4 shots are: lay-up, elbow jumper. flare jumper and transition jumper. The footwork and speed of the drill make this a great drill to add to your workout. See More

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Basketball Play - 3FTC Stephen Curry Shooting Workout

3FTC Stephen Curry Shooting Workout

Greg White 05/02/2013

I saw Stephen Curry doing this before a game so we decided to make a drill out of it. This is a great drill because you (1) get conditioning and game type shots, (2) movement and (3) you can use both sides of the floor. We set the scoring as follows: The Shooter must make 3 3pt shots to complete the drill. They do not have to be in a row. Mid range Shots do not count as a make. Advanced: The Shooter must make 4/5 shots including the mid-range if they miss a 3pt shot. Expert: The Shooter must make 3 consecutive 3pt shots. See More

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Basketball Play - Point of Board Shooting

Point of Board Shooting

Daniel Murphy 04/25/2013

I got this drill from Dr. Hal Wissel, former assistant coach to Hubie Brown with the Memphis Grizzlies. He uses it at his Shoot it Better mini camps. It is very similar to the Navy Shooting drill Bert DeSalvo shared with Fastmodel This drill will show the shooter when their mechanics are perfect. After focusing on a target as small as the point of the backboard, the rim seems much larger. Dr. Wissel believes in doing this 100 times per day. I have my players shoot 10 perfect shots before moving on to the next drill. See More

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