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Basketball Play - Dribble Handoff 2

Dribble Handoff 2

Scott Peterman 08/28/2012

Today's Set Play from Men's Basketball Hoopscoop is a National Champion "University of Kentucky" Dribble Handoff Set play. This set play is a great mis-direction set for Dribble Drive Motion Offense. It's a great play even if you don't run Dribble Motion Offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper Weak 23

Zipper Weak 23

Kyle Gilreath 11/25/2014

Thursday night in their win over the Miami Heat, the Chicago Bulls ran this pick & roll play for Luol Deng to start the game. As 3 comes off the pick, 1 relocates to the corner as 4 and 5 space outside the lane. If the defense shifts to take away the drive, look to fire a pass to 1 in the corner and have your bigs screen in on the defense. See More

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Basketball Play - Chin Set

Chin Set

Craig LeVasseur 01/05/2015

A basic Chin set into a ballscreen. This is a good option for getting your 2 or 3 into a high ballscreen. Against Weak coverage against the ballscreen, flip the angle of the screen to set up a Spread P/R and a single side bump situation for your shooting 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Open Flare

Open Flare

Adam Spinella 07/24/2013

This is a great end of game play for a team to use in a Secondary Break. With about 7 or 8 seconds left on the clock, there is enough time to dribble up in the full court and engage in this action. Likely it has to be a practiced and a default set; if it were to be drawn in a huddle for a late-game play it is likely the defense would apply some sort of full-court pressure, meaning more time would be needed to execute the set. See More

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Basketball Play - NBA Play of the Nigh May 15: Golden State Warriors Elbow Flex

NBA Play of the Nigh May 15: Golden State Warriors Elbow Flex

Kyle Gilreath 05/15/2013

I am sure I have posted this play in the past but it is one of my favorites so I wanted to post it again! The Golden State Warriors went to this action in the 1st Half of Game 4 versus the San Antonio Spurs in the Western Conference Semi-Finals. This elbow set into a flex action is very popular in the NBA; Stan Van Gundy ran it religiously in Orlando. While us coaches are all very familiar with the Flex, I have learned recently that many young players today are not familiar with how to run the play NOR guard it. In my opinion, if you have two great scorers on the floor, this is a very difficult action to guard. The defense has to respect the flex cut give up a lay-up. Then by pinning down on the screener, the defense must make a decision how to guard and if they over-react the big will be open slipping to the rim. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Kentucky Wildcats Transition

Dana Beszczynski 01/24/2014

John Calipari has proven too be a master at running sets for his players to get the best shots in the best positions on the floor. This easy to run Transition Set utilizes the elbow screen to free up the trailing post for an open ball side cut and possible quick pass. When the quick pass isn't there, on ball reversal, the Wildcats revert back to their DDM Offense with the 3 Side Middle Penetration looking to Rack It! See More

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Basketball Play - 1 Out Double

1 Out Double

Daniel Murphy 11/25/2014

Another play from SVG. 2 side ball screens set for the PG. Think about the defensive coverage needed on this play and who will guard x5 rolling. With 4 spacing x4 can't tag the roll. If x2 tags the roll a corner 3 is open. How will x5 play the pick and roll? See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Shot Shooting Drill

4 Shot Shooting Drill

Greg White 05/27/2013

This is a great shooting drill to use in your individula shooting workouts or if space permits to use as part of your team practice. The key is shooting at game speed from game spots. The 4 shots are: lay-up, elbow jumper. flare jumper and transition jumper. The footwork and speed of the drill make this a great drill to add to your workout. See More

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Basketball Play - Elbow Back Triple

Elbow Back Triple

Kyle Gilreath 10/11/2013

This is an offensive set that Bill Self's Kansas Jayhawks ran in the 2012 National Championship game. I love this play because of the numerous scoring options tha are very simple to teach your players to run. To see EVERY play Kansas ran in the 2012 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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Basketball Play - Inferno Drill

Inferno Drill

Greg White 08/19/2012

One of my favorite drills is The Inferno. This is a great October 15th drill because it immediately raises the intensity level or shows the lack of it. What you'll need: 3 Passers 4 Offensive players 4 Defensive players 1 Ball 1 Box of band-aids (if it's a successful drill.) Players begin on the elbows and blocks. This drill is for 8 minutes. The team's roles will switch at the 4 minute mark. There are no substitutions for the 8 involved. When the ball is at the top, the offense down screens. When the ball is on the wing, players screen across. To keep the drill competitive, and it won't take much, use one of the following scoring systems: Each catch = 5 defensive pushups (5 keeps the speed going plus a good screening group will average 20 catches in 4 minutes) Each catch = 1 pt for elbow catch, 2pts for catch on the block. Keep track and at the end of 8 minutes losing team has a reminder drill. Each catch = live four on four. Offense gets whatever shot they score, Defense gets 2 for a stop, 3 for a charge, etc.. See More

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Basketball Play - Hi-Lo Post Iso

Hi-Lo Post Iso

Al Baker 07/29/2013

This is adapted from a play Gregg Marshall runs at Wichita State. This action will get your 4 a couple different opportunities to catch in the paint. It's important to emphasize the reverse pivot from the post player (4) to seal his defender under the rim. Timing is critical to avoid a 3-second violation. See More

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