Open Flare - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

This is a great end of game play for a team to use in a Secondary Break. With about 7 or 8 seconds left on the clock, there is enough time to dribble up in the full court and engage in this action. Likely it has to be a practiced and a default set; if it were to be drawn in a huddle for a late-game play it is likely the defense would apply some sort of full-court pressure, meaning more time would be needed to execute the set.

  • Basketball Play - Open Flare
  • Basketball Play - Open Flare
  • Basketball Play - Open Flare
  • 4 takes the ball out and inbounds it to the point guard, 1. 4 is now the trailer. 4 should be a good three-point shooter as well. 2 and 3 run normal, wide transition lanes up the sideline, while the other big man sprints to the rim. 1 will dribble the ball up in the full court.

  • As soon as the wings, 2 and 3, make their way to the corner, they both start to curl in towards the lane as if they were to cross. Instead of crossing, the wing on the same side as 5 will curl around the post and back out to the three point line. 1 will pass the ball to him. This is a good opportunity for a three-point attempt.

  • As soon as 2 catches the ball and doesn't shoot, 4 sets a quick flare for 1 onto the open side of the floor. This is the shot attempt that gets the best results for an end game set. While this goes on, 3 and 5 engage in a screening action down low to occupy their defenders and to remain in good rebounding position.