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Basketball Play - Villanova M-M Press Break

Villanova M-M Press Break

Kevin Bruinsma 05/02/2016

Villanova excelled all year long in special situations and this press breaker was no exception. A very simple action in design that could have been very easily stopped if the back screen was just switched. In terms of getting the ball in this play will almost always work against a M-M Full Court Defense, be clearing out the front court it’s easy to just enter the ball to the 2 guard. In this specific case Villanova hits the home run and gets an And 1, however all of the options were open. The 2 was open, 5 was open coming back to the ball and the 1 would have been open if he continued running forward after setting the screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas Jayhawks - EOG FCOB

Kansas Jayhawks - EOG FCOB

Matt Wheeler 01/05/2017

Kansas was tied with Kansas State with 5.9 seconds left and the ball being inbounded in their backcourt. The Jayhawks ran this play to get the ball back quickly to the inbounder to take it up the court. 4 & 5 cut to the basket and 1 trailed behind the play for possible outlets if the defense stops 3. See More

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Basketball Play - Iowa - ATO Get It In

Iowa - ATO Get It In

Craig LeVasseur 03/18/2016

Iowa ran this play against the press with 11 seconds left against Temple and protecting a 2 point lead. It's hard to tell if Iowa anticipated that Temple would not guard the inbounder, or if this was an audible on the fly, but the result was a wide open inbounds pass for Iowa. See More

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Basketball Play - Pitch Cross

Pitch Cross

FastModel Sports 04/15/2015

Pitch Cross provides a plethora of options that can be reads or calls depending on how your players progress. The basic look involves the 1 pitching the ball ahead to the 2 on the wing. The first look is always straight to the post for a quick bucket. If that is not available the 2 will then reverse the ball to the 4 who is trailing the play (usually due to taking the ball inbounds). After kicking the ball ahead the 1 shallow cuts and pops to receive the ball on the 2nd side wing. The 3 who ran the weak side wing settles at the block for a post up opportunity. If one does not present itself, the 3 then initiates cross screen down screen action by screening for the 5 who looks to post and receiving a down screen from the 4. The looks are to the post, to the shooter and if nothing presents itself whatever your motion principles are can kick in. For instance, if the ball hits the post and cutters dive and clear opposite ball reversal back to the 1 can initiate SPNR on the 3rd side. The same goes for a reversal to the 3 who doesn't have a shot. The 3 can then swing back to the 2 and again initiate SPNR action. See More

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