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Basketball Play - 12-13 Wisconsin Green Bay - High Post Entry with Back Screen, Cross Screen & Down Screen

12-13 Wisconsin Green Bay - High Post Entry with Back Screen, Cross Screen & Down Screen

Basketball HQ 03/23/2013

For this set make your high post entry to your best passing big. Line up your biggest wing opposite corner of where the high post entry pass is going, so if the defense switches guard to guard screening action, you have a size mismatch. Make sure you sell to your point guards that setting a good cross screen will help get them an open shot off of 5's down screen. This play is from the 2012-2013 Wisconsin Green Bay season. See More

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Basketball Play - MSU 1-4 High Lob

MSU 1-4 High Lob

Dana Beszczynski 11/15/2013

The Michigan State Spartans played the Kentucky Wildcats on Tueday night in the Champions Classic at the United Center in Chicago. This was an early season match-up of numbers 1 & 2 in the polls. Kentucky came in with a vaunted recruiting class and the two coach's are surely one day too be in the Hall of Fame. This play was run by Tom Izzo's Spartans when they needed a basket. It is a well designed play out of the 1-4 High Set. What makes this play so effective is the weak side cutting action eliminating any helpside defender. The key to this play is the screen from the 5 man on the PG's defender. Here the 5 man sets a perfect screen on x1 setting up the pass from 4 for 1 who puts in the lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)

Mover Blocker (LANE-LANE)

Randy Sherman 03/05/2015

A basic summary of the Virginia Cavaliers Mover-Blocker Offense (Lane-Lane mode, their most common alignment) Rules: The three "movers" (colored in pink) cut and fill maintaining top-side-side alignment. The point and each wing should be filled by the movers. In "lane-lane" the blockers are restricted to screening along the lane line extended for the movers. They can set flare screens for a player cutting off the point, they can set pin screens for cutters exiting the lane. They can downscreen for movers. Anytime a mover pin screens along the lane lane, he then immediately buries his man and posts up Blockers cannot change sides of the the floor or screen for one another Think of it as a game of 3-on-3 among the movers and the defenders with screening help from the blockers along the lane line Movers center the basketball so the ball can see both actions. Any questions about motion offense or basketball x's&o's in general: See More

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Basketball Play - VCU Weave

VCU Weave

Dana Beszczynski 11/19/2013

VCU Head Coach Shaka Smart was one of the hottest coaching names in the off-season, but showed his true loyalty to the program that he has built into a yearly power. This year Smart returns a line-up with experience and their offense is enjoyable and entertaining to watch. This Weave action really does a good job using the flare screen, good cutting actions, and a ball screen at the end to set-up a wide open 3 pt shot in the corner. VCU's quickness at the guard positions gives defenses nightmares with their ability to breakdown 1 v 1 off the dribble. See More

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Basketball Play - Loop Flare

Loop Flare

Kyle Gilreath 03/21/2014

In need of 2 points towards the end of the 2nd half, Arizona State’s Herb Sendek drew up this BLOB play for his Sun Devils. Watching the play develop I was sure they would get the ball to 3 curling into the lane, but they decided to wait and use the flare for 2. The shot was off target but ASU secured the offensive rebound to tie the game with two free-throws. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 High Series Marquette

4 High Series Marquette

Dana Beszczynski 11/15/2013

Marquette Head Coach Buzz Williams ran the 4 High Series and this is an easy to use set for all levels. There is a good over the top action to being freeing up the 2 man on the wing who can look to drive if the defense gets hung up in the screen. Second, they run a good UCLA action for the PG who cuts to the basket looking for a possible pass. You get a ball reversal and baseline screen for 1 who comes out looking for his shot or post entry to 5 sealing in. There is a Zipper action for the 3 man who cuts off 5 to the basket looking for a quick hit lob pass or direct lay-up. The play ends with a SPNR between 5 & 1 and the spacing is excellent coming off the screen as the shooters spot up on the wing and corner, 4 dives to the weak side block. A great all around set with multiple options! See More

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Basketball Play - Warrior Drills: Catch-Drive-Shoot

Warrior Drills: Catch-Drive-Shoot

Tom Kelsey 08/05/2013

Have players work on being low and ready on the catch. Explode off the dribble to designated spot on the floor. Pete Maravich said use the final dribble before going up for a shot as a momentum dribble. Use it with power to go up high on the jump shot. Have players dribble low to the ground, but powerful. Use drill going right and left throughout the season will help players being tough to guard. See More

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Basketball Play - Secondary Action France

Secondary Action France

Dana Beszczynski 09/24/2013

This Seconary Action run by France in the Championship Game of the European Championship against Lithuania has a lot of good movement off the ball and creates isolation situations for the post player or an opportunity for a 3 pt shot France with their NBA standouts were very good in utilizing spacing to make such plays effective throughout the 40:00 of action Sunday. See More

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Basketball Play - NBA Play of the Day May 13 from the San Antonio Spurs: Zipper Twist Special

NBA Play of the Day May 13 from the San Antonio Spurs: Zipper Twist Special

Kyle Gilreath 05/13/2013

Last night trailing the Golden State Warriors in overtime of Game 3 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals, the San Antonio Spurs ran this beautiful Sideline Out of Bounds play to get Danny Green an open 3-pointer. Coach Popovich did a tremendous job with the spacing of his personnel on the floor with this action. First, by slipping Tim Duncan to the rim, it forced the weak side defenders to help in the ane a little more. Secondly, with the defense already shifted in the lane, as Leonard sprinted out into the pick the Warriors' defense helped high which opened up a driving lane for Ginobili. With the defense focused on Duncan and Ginobili this opened up the flare in the corner for the knock down 3-pointer. See More

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Basketball Play - Leonard Hamilton Early Offense

Leonard Hamilton Early Offense

Dana Beszczynski 01/27/2014

Leonard Hamilton has often been underappreciated for what he has accomplished during his time at Florida State. This Early Offense Set combines a number of actions to get a good shot. The Stagger action early gives their shooter a chance to get an open shot at the top of the key and the double high ball screen gives the post a chance to either get a touch inside or the misdirection leads to isolation on the weak side for the 5 Man. This is a very well designed set and the Seminoles patience to work it through shows you what can be done to execute all options. See More

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