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Published 11/19/2013 by Dana Beszczynski Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

VCU Head Coach Shaka Smart was one of the hottest coaching names in the off-season, but showed his true loyalty to the program that he has built into a yearly power.


This year Smart returns a line-up with experience and their offense is enjoyable and entertaining to watch.


This Weave action really does a good job using the flare screen, good cutting actions, and a ball screen at the end to set-up a wide open 3 pt shot in the corner.


VCU's quickness at the guard positions gives defenses nightmares with their ability to breakdown 1 v 1 off the dribble.

  • Basketball Play - VCU Weave
  • Basketball Play - VCU Weave
  • Basketball Play - VCU Weave
  • Basketball Play - VCU Weave
  • Basketball Play - VCU Weave
  • Weber 2 (1) passes to Brandenberg 11 (2) on the wing and cuts off a flare screen set by Shannon 4 (4)

  • Graham 21 (3) lifts out of the weak side corner setting up the next action
  • Brandenberg 11 (2) passes to Graham 21 (3) who looks to hit Weber 2 (1) coming off the baseline single screen set by Reddic 15 (5)

    Shannon 4 (4) steps up to set a second flare screen on Brandenberg's 11 (2) defender as he cuts to the wing for a possible pass to the open side
  • Graham 21 (3) cuts through to the opposite corner after his pass to the wing

    Reddic 15 (5) steps out to the ball side corner

    Shannon 4 (4) sprints into a SPNR with Weber 2 (1) on the wing

    Weber 2 (1) comes off the screen and looks to hit Brandenberg 11 (2) who has come back to the ball from the weak side wing
  • Weber 2 (1) looks to set a rub screen on Brandenberg's 11 (2) defender as he takes the pass and attacks the paint on the dribble

    Shannon 4 (4) looks to seal middle

    Brandenberg 11 (2) kicks the pass out to Reddic 15 (5) spotting up in the corner for the wide open 3 pt shot

    *VCU has a lot guards who can play either the 1 or 2 making their offense that much more effective