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Basketball Play - Triple/Double


Andrew Lacey 03/26/2015

Here is a nice 1-4 Low set that gives your the inital option to have your point or lead guard take his man off the bounce. As that is playing out the other players create some movement to have defense looking to defend cutters. You can get a nice Hi-Lo out of your post game or catch and shoot option for your wings. See More

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Basketball Play - Davidson Sets

Davidson Sets

Andrew Lacey 03/21/2015

Davidson is one of the best perimeter shooting teams in the NCAA Tournament. The do a great job of screen for the 3 and then putting pressure on the basket at the same time by using cuts away from the ball and slipping screens. Here is a little action they use in the first half against Iowa to get a easy lay-up and decent perimeter looks. See More

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Basketball Play - Cleveland


Andrew Lacey 03/06/2015

We are a base 4-out team and we use a lot of dribble drive action in our motion. Here is an easy way to create a driving angle and backdoor. We run this after we run our "Trigger" set that has multiple drives to the elbow. See More

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Basketball Play - 2 High

2 High

Andrew Lacey 03/06/2015

This year we have the advantage in our Conference 3 Tournament to face some Post players that could not move very well on the perimeter. We took advantage of of our athletic Post/Stretch 4 players and put them in tough situations to constantly have to defend ball screens and play on the perimeter. Here is a nice little set that always you to also get mismatches in the scoring zones. See More

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Basketball Play - UNC


Andrew Lacey 02/19/2015

One of the toughest actions to cover in high school basketball is staggered screens. In this 1-4 high set we set two different sets staggered screens looking for mismatches or defenders that trail our cutters. See More

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Basketball Play - Jet


Andrew Lacey 02/17/2015

Late game situations are becoming more important as the talent gap in all levels get closer. Here is a set that we used when I was at Pinecrest that allowed us to bring our shooter from the weak side to the strong side as the defense defended the drive. You can easily put your number 1 scoring option in the 3 spot as an adjustment. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper


Andrew Lacey 01/27/2015

We use a lot of ball screens in our basic offensive movement to create advantages for easy scoring opportunities. Here is a simple Box Set alignment that utilitizes downscreens and cross screens to get the defense moving before setting the ball screen at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - JMU


Andrew Lacey 12/31/2014

Here is a set that you can use after a time out, late game situation or early offense. The ultimate goal is to get the ball inside to your post to work 1 v 1. It takes advantage of how the defense handles the intial ballscreen and is a counter when the post defender is sliding to the mid-line to help on the potential drive by the (1). It can be used vs. Man/Zone. See More

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