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Basketball Play - Jet


Andrew Lacey 02/17/2015

Late game situations are becoming more important as the talent gap in all levels get closer. Here is a set that we used when I was at Pinecrest that allowed us to bring our shooter from the weak side to the strong side as the defense defended the drive. You can easily put your number 1 scoring option in the 3 spot as an adjustment. See More

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Basketball Play - Zipper


Andrew Lacey 01/27/2015

We use a lot of ball screens in our basic offensive movement to create advantages for easy scoring opportunities. Here is a simple Box Set alignment that utilitizes downscreens and cross screens to get the defense moving before setting the ball screen at the top of the key. See More

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Basketball Play - JMU


Andrew Lacey 12/31/2014

Here is a set that you can use after a time out, late game situation or early offense. The ultimate goal is to get the ball inside to your post to work 1 v 1. It takes advantage of how the defense handles the intial ballscreen and is a counter when the post defender is sliding to the mid-line to help on the potential drive by the (1). It can be used vs. Man/Zone. See More

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Basketball Play - Duke


Andrew Lacey 08/11/2014

Here is a nice set for you to use after a timeout, late game situation and/or beginning of half. There are a variety of screens set in this set to create some possible mismatches on switches and the double screen for the post is key here. See More

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Basketball Play - Atlanta


Andrew Lacey 08/10/2014

Here is a play out of the Box alignment that can be used in late game situations when you need a easy lay-up or three. We use the concepts that we try to have all of our screens set to where they cause a mismatch if the defense was to switch. Meaning other than the intial back screen all other screens in this play are Bigs/Small screening each other. See More

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