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About This Play/Drill

This year we have the advantage in our Conference 3 Tournament to face some Post players that could not move very well on the perimeter.  We took advantage of of our athletic Post/Stretch 4 players and put them in tough situations to constantly have to defend ball screens and play on the perimeter.  Here is a nice little set that always you to also get mismatches in the scoring zones.

  • Basketball Play - 2 High
  • Basketball Play - 2 High
  • Basketball Play - 2 High
  • Basketball Play - 2 High
  • Set up in a 4 out set.


    (5) and (4) will set a double cross screen for (3) sprinting to the wing.


    (1) will dribble the ball to the opposite lane line extended area to pass ball to (3).


    (2) will execute a V-cut in the lane and replace (1).

  • After the pass (1) will cut to the ball side corner.


    (4) will cut off of (1) and set a ball screen free throw line extended for the (3).


    (3) will go shoulder to shoulder off the screen. (4) will run hard to the front of the rim.


    (5) will pop to the top (lane line extended) to pull help defender away from basket as (4) rolls.


    If pass is not there to roll (3) will pass ball to the (5).

  • (5) will swing the ball to (2) on wing.


    (3) will set a down screen for (1) to pop to the wing.

  • (5) will follow his pass and set a ball screen on the wing for (2) and run to the front of rim.


    (4) will post up on the weak-side in case his man helps on the roll.


    (2) comes off screen looking to attack the elbow for a jumper, hit roll, or dump to (4).