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About This Play/Drill

Here is a set that you can use after a time out, late game situation or early offense.  The ultimate goal is to get the ball inside to your post to work 1 v 1.  It takes advantage of how the defense handles the intial ballscreen and is a counter when the post defender is sliding to the mid-line to help on the potential drive by the (1).  It can be used vs. Man/Zone.

  • Basketball Play - JMU
  • Basketball Play - JMU
  • The intial alignment is a 4 out 1 in set. We tell our (5) to start on the same side as the ball and be in the mid post area.


    1. The (4) will set a ball screen for (1) right around the middle area of the top of the key.


    2. (2) & (3) are located free throw line extedend in order to keep their defenders from helping in the low post.

  • 3. After the (1) uses the ball screen, the (4) wil Pop out and receive the reversal pass from the (1).


    4. At this point the (5) will look to post up in the middle of the lane as the (4) catches the ball.


    - We are looking to catch the post defender helping on the action of the (1) and then get the weak-side seal.