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About This Play/Drill

Davidson is one of the best perimeter shooting teams in the NCAA Tournament.  The do a great job of screen for the 3 and then putting pressure on the basket at the same time by using cuts away from the ball and slipping screens.  Here is a little action they use in the first half against Iowa to get a easy lay-up and decent perimeter looks.

  • Basketball Play - Davidson Sets

(5) Passes to (1) on the wing.


(5) then sets a down screen at elbow for (2).


(2) will set his man up and use the screen to pop to the top of key for a 3.


(3) will execute a baseline cut towards ball side block as the (5) is setting the screen. If (3) does not get the ball he will set a backscreen in the corner for the (4).


(5) will slip the screen to the basket quickly and then (4) will (3) backscreen.


(3) will pop to the corner after setting screen.