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Basketball Play - Floppy Chest

Floppy Chest

Cody Toppert 09/04/2015

Floppy Chest has a few slight tweaks. As the guard comes off the pin down he curls to elbow much like the “flow away” look that results in an Angle PNR, with the corner filled. In this case we will look to empty the corner, thus as the guard curls off the pin down the second guard follows and fills the strong side corner, thus leaving the other side of the floor naked. On the elbow catch the weak side big then sets a flare screen on the PG who not only “flows away” but uses the flare screen and with then empty corner has much room to operate. See More

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Basketball Play - Floppy Fist

Floppy Fist

Cody Toppert 09/04/2015

Floppy ran with Fist action indicates that the weak side big will sprint to the PNR. Thus after the small uses the pin down and receives the ball on the wing, the weak side big will be in full sprint to the SPNR. The big that set the pin down will then relocate to weak side dunker or elbow. If he relocates to the elbow and the ball is kicked to the flow away PG, the big can again set an Angle PNR. See More

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Basketball Play - Floppy GET

Floppy GET

Cody Toppert 09/04/2015

When Floppy is ran as a GET action, this can indicate that the strong side big who set the pin down is the activated on ball screener. Thus the wing receives the ball, the strong side big will then sprint to set the PNR, this can be an SPNR or a Step Up depending on the defense and the coverage. From there the weak side players will space, filling corner, wing and dunker (duck in zone). See More

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Basketball Play - Floppy Diamond

Floppy Diamond

Cody Toppert 09/04/2015

Another way to initiate Floppy is out of a Diamond set up. This time the activated shooter is starting under the basket with single pin downs from the bigs on both sides. Again he can choose which way to go and again the secondary guard will exit the opposite direction. The only difference in this set up is that the secondary guard is starting at the nail (the middle of the free-throw line). This means that when he exits the opposite direction of the activated player, instead of him using a pin down, he is using a pinch fade or flare screen. Thus if the activated shooter uses the single pin down on the left side, the secondary guard will use the pinch fade on the right side. See More

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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics "Flip Flare"

Boston Celtics "Flip Flare"

Gibson Pyper 09/01/2015

A set that Brad Stevens runs after time outs and at the end of games is "Flip Flare." This set is designed to create action before a flare screen for a stretch 4 like Jared Sullinger or Kelly Olynyk. After setting a down screen and then opening up to the ball, the 4 man flips it back to 1, this is especially effective against teams that ICE ballscreens, as his defender will be below the flare screen. After he flips it this is when the other big sets flare screen, looking for a quick hitter. See More

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Basketball Play - Virginia Tech Corner Flare

Virginia Tech Corner Flare

Brandon Mullis 08/30/2015

Virginia Tech ran this SLOB set late in the game against Boston College this past season. The shooter was the second man in triple staggered screens/Iverson cut for the wing. The shooter then received a back screen to flare to the corner upon the baseline drive. He was wide open in the corner and knocked down the shot to pull his team within one possession with about 1 minute left to play in regulation. See More

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Basketball Play - Zone 1-4 High Drag Flare

Zone 1-4 High Drag Flare

Wes Kosel 08/29/2015

1 passes to 2 on the wing and 5 moves to the strong-side block and 4 moves to the corner. 2 passes back to 1 and 1 dribbles left pulling 5 from the block out to the perimeter. 1 passes to 5. While this is happening, 4 sets a flare-screen for 2 on the bottom outside zone defender. 2 slides to the corner for a 3-point shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Kentucky 1 Up

Kentucky 1 Up

Wes Kosel 08/17/2015

In this 1-4 high set play, 1 dribbles left off of a ball-screen from 5. At the same time, 3 moves into the lane and sets a cross-screen for 2. The first option is to pass to 2 in the corner for a shot. If that isn't open, 4 sets a flare-screen for 5. If the flare isn't open, 4 sets a down-screen for 3. 1 looks to either pass inside to 4 posting up or to 3 for a shot at the top of the key. See More

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