Floppy Diamond - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Another way to initiate Floppy is out of a Diamond set up.  This time the activated shooter is starting under the basket with single pin downs from the bigs on both sides.  Again he can choose which way to go and again the secondary guard will exit the opposite direction.  The only difference in this set up is that the secondary guard is starting at the nail (the middle of the free-throw line).  This means that when he exits the opposite direction of the activated player, instead of him using a pin down, he is using a pinch fade or flare screen.  Thus if the activated shooter uses the single pin down on the left side, the secondary guard will use the pinch fade on the right side.

  • Basketball Play - Floppy Diamond

The 3 starts at the nail, the 2 starts under the basket and the 4 and 5 start wide. The 4 and 5 look to set pin downs for the 2. The 2 decides which way to go and the opposite big then readjusts to set a fade screen for the 3 who uses the fade to pop out the opposite direction.


Can go into GET or GO action