Floppy GET - FastModel Sports

Published 09/04/2015 by Cody Toppert Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

When Floppy is ran as a GET action, this can indicate that the strong side big who set the pin down is the activated on ball screener.  Thus the wing receives the ball, the strong side big will then sprint to set the PNR, this can be an SPNR or a Step Up depending on the defense and the coverage.  From there the weak side players will space, filling corner, wing and dunker (duck in zone).

  • Basketball Play - Floppy GET
  • Basketball Play - Floppy GET
  • Set up in a "single/double" formation where the 2 chooses which direction he wants to cut. The 1 then looks to hit the 2 on the wing.

  • "GET" indicates that the ball side big, the 5 will sprint to set an SPNR. The 5 can pop or roll because the corner is empty.