Floppy Fist - FastModel Sports

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About This Play/Drill

Floppy ran with Fist action indicates that the weak side big will sprint to the PNR.  Thus after the small uses the pin down and receives the ball on the wing, the weak side big will be in full sprint to the SPNR.  The big that set the pin down will then relocate to weak side dunker or elbow.  If he relocates to the elbow and the ball is kicked to the flow away PG, the big can again set an Angle PNR.

  • Basketball Play - Floppy Fist
  • Basketball Play - Floppy Fist
  • The 2/3 sprint the wings and cross under the basket. The 4 and 5 sprint to set pin downs on both sides. The 1 looks to enter the ball to the wing. (if possible we can look for a quick scoring opportunity or deep post up)

  • On the catch the 5 sprints to SPNR with the 2. The 4 peels off to the Dunker, the 3 fills the weak side corner and the 1 flows away to the wing. 5 can roll or pop (naked corner). 2 man has Drive, Duck in, Drift and Diagonal as outlets.