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Basketball Play - Boston Celtics: 5 Out SAME Motion

Boston Celtics: 5 Out SAME Motion

David Taylor 11/03/2016

In the first few games of the NBA season, the Boston Celtics have played 5 Out Offense. I have attached a few diagrams of what it looks like. I call it 5 OUT SAME - because they initiate their offense with action on the first side of the floor. Essentially, the action consists of guard to guard screening action resulting in a side pick and roll (or DHO). See More

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Basketball Play - Phoenix Suns Motion

Phoenix Suns Motion

Mo Dakhil 10/13/2016

The play below is an example of a set that the Suns are running to get their third year center Alex Len an easy jump shot. Bledsoe brought the ball up the court and passed to TJ Warren and made a thru cut to the opposite wing. As Bledsoe cut thru the lane, Booker crossed paths with him on his way to set a screen for Len on the block, the ball is swung from Warren to Chriss and then to Bledsoe. As soon as Chriss made the pass he ran down to set a pin down screen to get Len open at the free throw line. The play was executed flawlessly and Len nailed the jumper. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Weak Variation

Motion Weak Variation

Randy Sherman 08/17/2016

Variation of the Spurs iconic "motion weak" demonstrated by the USA Women's National Team in their quarterfinal win over Japan in the 2016 Rio Olympics. Instead of the signature cross screen/down screen sequence, the screen sets a back screen after the cross screen. Set a good screen, cause help, then separate from th screen for a three-point opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - France U17 Men - Circle Motion

France U17 Men - Circle Motion

Justin Schueller 08/08/2016

With the Australian Boomers win over the French national team I thought I would put up my favorite play from the French U17 mens team. We played the French team in pre world competition losing to them by 1 point on a shot at the buzzer. This action which we called "cirlce motion" was very effective at allowing them to have multiple scoring options while being hard for us to negate defencively. I like the action to create uncontested threes and/or in situations you want some time off the clock before on ball play. See More

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