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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach

Motion Breakdowns - 2/2 With A Coach

Randy Sherman 03/10/2015

First completely "live" drill in motion offense teaching progressions. Once you have installed the four cuts, downscreens, shallow cuts and flare screens put the motion offense fundamentals to the test with this live drill. Coach is the passer. Player beginning the drill in the high elbow is the screener throughout the possession. Correct poor timing and incorrect reads immediately. At any time during the possession a player can pass to coach and the two offensive players set screening action. Empasize the second cutter concept. Coach can pass to screener or cutter off downscreens or flare screens. Coach can force rescreens by not passing to the action. Drill is run on one side of the floor at a time. Drill consists of action off of downscreens, flares, slips, rescreens, cuts. No excessive dribbling ball screens. Coach is always open! Use them and score with action. Put your roster in pairs with one screener and one cutter and play for 8:00 (4:00 on each side of the floor) You come into the drill on defense with your partner. To get to offense, you have to get a stop, rebound and outlet to coach. Rotate from defense to offense. If you score you stay and new pair comes in on defense. The drill begins with pass from high elbow (1) to coach. Emphasize basket cut into the downscreen. Variations/Restrictions: Instead of passing to coach, start with a shallow cut. Pass to coach, make a deep basket cut, wing fills the high elbow setting up flare screen. Only a second cutter (screener) can score. See More

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Basketball Play - Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Billy Donovan Florida Gators Ball-Screen Motion (2 plays)

Scott Peterman 02/24/2015

Billy Donovan has coached teams to the peak of college basketball’s mountaintop. Coach Billy Donovan has reached Four Final Fours, two national championships, a perfect 18-0 conference regular season, six Southeastern Conference tournament titles and 16-straight 20-win seasons. He’s made Florida basketball a millennial powerhouse on the national level and he did it all at a football school. Now, he sits on the doorstep of yet another achievement after coaching his 499th victory Wednesday night against Vanderbilt. Coach Billy Donovan runs Ball Screen Motion Offense that moves the ball and gets shot attempts near the basket and the three point line. Coach Donovan goes for #500 wins against Missouri tonight. You should check it out. If you liked the Billy Donovan Florida Gators Offense then you should check out my website: Men's Basketball Hoop Scoop See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Offense Breakdowns - 2/1 Downscreen

Motion Offense Breakdowns - 2/1 Downscreen

Randy Sherman 02/19/2015

This drill begins teaching cutters the reads needed to execute the four cuts of motion offense. Screener (1) begins with ball and passes to coach. Begin to add defense as a progression in motion offense breakdowns: Use a coach as a passer Only defend the wing (cutter) At first, tell defender how you want them to defend the downscreen. They can lock and trail, overplay high, go under (ballside) or get taken out by screen. Cutter gets the shot. Emphasize second cutting action by the screener in accordance with inside-outside principles. For the next progression, the drill should be run "live." Same drill except the defender can play the screen however. See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns 2/0 Shallow Cut Flare Drill

Motion Breakdowns 2/0 Shallow Cut Flare Drill

Randy Sherman 02/16/2015

Introduce flare screens by using a shallow cut. Line of players with a ball at the slot (screeners), Line of players at wing (cutters). Coach begins the drill with a ball as well. Work the drill on both sides of the court! Shallow Cut Tips: When dribbled at, the wing (player 2) back cuts towards the post then loops to the slot replacing player 1 Cut hard, hold for a count in the post, then sprint to slot Flare Screen Tips: Cutter: Quick basket cut then come off the flare screen Screener: Call the screen! ("Joey! Joey! Flare! Flare!") Screener: Jumpstop into the screen, screener's back should be pointing towards corner of the court, Hold the screen then slip to basket, call "slip! slip!" See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 2/0 Downscreen

Motion Breakdowns - 2/0 Downscreen

Randy Sherman 02/12/2015

Motion Breakdowns: 2/0 downscreen with a coach is the first drill used in teaching the timing of downscreens. Coach is on left slot with a basketball. Screener has a ball on right slot. Player on the wing (2) will be receiving downscreen. Drill begins with a pass to the coach from screener. (Coach briefly has two basketballs) Screener must basket cut by stepping hard with near foot (you want the defense to jump ball side so you have clear path and screening angle.) Cutter begins "walking the arc" to set up cut. Screener jump stops into the screen. TALK! "Joey! Joey! Downscreen" Cutter excutes either curl, back, out or straight cut! TALK! "Curl! curl! Curl!" RULE: if the cutter makes an inside cut, the screener makes an outside cut and vice versa! (concept of second cutters) Coach passes first to cutter then to screener. Work drill on both sides of the floor. If you run motion these are your basic shooting drills! These are your game shots, from game spots at game speed! See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns - 1/0 With Chair

Motion Breakdowns - 1/0 With Chair

Randy Sherman 02/12/2015

Motion Breakdowns: To begin teaching the four basic cuts of motion offense (curl, back, out, straight) use a folding chair to simulate the screener setting a downscreen. Players on the wing have a ball, they pass to coach/Asst./Mgr./player who is centered. Stress setting up the cut by "walking the arc" then sprinting the cut. Miss the chair late! Call your cut! Teach the two inside cuts (curl, back) first. Work the drill on both sides or the floor. You can have four folding chairs and four lines on a single court with players rotating from line to line. Drill should be LOUD with players calling cuts! If you run motion, this is your most basic shooting drill. Do it daily. These are your game shots! See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Breakdowns: 3/0 Basket Cuts

Motion Breakdowns: 3/0 Basket Cuts

Randy Sherman 02/05/2015

Drill #3 in motion offense teaching progression teaches players to maintain "top-side-side" spacing while cutting and passing. Take cuts all the way to the rim and fill with the dribble or pass. If you pass from wing to point and the other two spots are filled, cut and replace yourself. DON'T STAND! Maintain 15-18 feet spacing and top-side-side alingment (Mover-Blocker principle) (This is not all the possible movement and cutting actions, but a few of the basic principles.) See More

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Basketball Play - Notre Dame Motion II

Notre Dame Motion II

Dana Beszczynski 01/31/2015

Mike Brey's Motion's Offense has multiple options depending on the cut and what's available with the read. Here against Duke, Notre Dame came down and ran a 2nd option whereby they incorporate the cross court pass into a sprint ball screen action with their 5 man Auguste - 30. Grant - 22 is so good at getting in the lane with his quickness and ball handling ability that the defense on Connaughton - 24 is forced to help opening up the lane for a baseline cut and lay-up. Mike Brey has really perfected the Irish's Motion set in the last years and his team is adept at executing it to perfection. See More

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Basketball Play - Notre Dame Motion

Notre Dame Motion

Dana Beszczynski 01/31/2015

The Fighting Irish of Notre Dame under Head Coach Mike Brey have been the surprise team of the year in the ACC. Brey's style is hard to copy as the Irish use multiple cuts and screening actions in their offense to score. In the game Wednesday night against Duke, this is the Opening Play they ran which really shows clearly how their movement opens up good spacing and the screening actions are so well timed to really force the defense into quick decision making. This was one of the most exciting games of the year and the Irish are moving towards a top seed in the NCAA Tournament come March. See More

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Basketball Play - Tug Motion

Tug Motion

Justin Scanson 12/31/2014

The key to this zone offense is to get your baseline runner to buy in to the idea of crossing the lane on high post entry. I hope you like it and I hope that teams don't immediately change to man defense when you start getting layups! See More

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Basketball Play - Motion


Kyle Gilreath 08/18/2014

This play is a short three frame diagram that illustrates the Florida Gators pick & roll motion offense from Billy Donovan. To see EVERY play Florida ran in the 2014 Final Four you can do so in my eBook Championship Execution! See More

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