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Basketball Play - Villanova Wildcats Four-Out Ball Screen Motion Offense

Villanova Wildcats Four-Out Ball Screen Motion Offense

Randy Sherman 03/14/2016

Rules of the Villanova Wildcats Four-Out Ball Screen offense Encourages ball reversals and wide spacing. RULE: Any slot-to-slot pass = an interchange with the player below you RULE: Any slot-to-wing pass = shallow cut away through the logo and fill to the ball RULE: Low Post: When the ball is reversed away from you, sprint into the inside ball screen on the opposite slot RULE: Bigs when on the perimeter can slot screen or side screen for a guard, then roll and replace with other big See More

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Basketball Play - Utes Motion Action

Utes Motion Action

Dana Beszczynski 01/25/2016

The University of Utah Men's Basketball Team under Head Coach Larry Krystkowiak do a magnificent job of moving with and without the ball. This is a similar action to the Post-up out of Transition, but with a small wrinkle as Kuzma sets the down screen off the flare into a ball screen action. Utah continues to the move the ball looking to create the best scoring opportunity out of this set and consuming the shot clock, forcing the defense to guard for the full time. Utah runs some great sets and this is one of them. See More

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Basketball Play - Wolves Motion Weak Quick

Wolves Motion Weak Quick

Adam Spinella 01/21/2016

The Minnesota Timberwolves ran Motion Weak and Kevin Martin, a strong outside shooter, never set the first cross screen. When the cross screen is not set and the offensive player darts up the down screen, his man will lag behind as he prepares to help on the cross screen. Without any contact with an opposing defender, Martin is free to get a step on his man before the action occurs. This wrinkle is great for a shooter if a team spends a lot of time running cross screens See More

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Basketball Play - Warriors Motion Weak

Warriors Motion Weak

Adam Spinella 01/21/2016

Motion Weak, or "Thru", is a common NBA early offense set that can be run at any level. It is effective at using player movement and ball movement, trying to establish the post first and foremost, and getting a shooter open off a down screen. It is one of the best and most standard screen-the-screener actions, and it also results in tremendous floor balance with many wrinkles possible. Gregg Popovich of the Spurs has long been utilizing this set of offense. Steve Kerr and the Warriors have added a wrinkle, turning the set into a Horns formation off the down screen. See More

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