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Basketball Play - Stagger Leak

Stagger Leak

John Leonzo 02/22/2014

Here is a set that Evansville ran early in their game vs. Whichita State to get their offense started. More often than not, x4 will help hard on the 2's curl and 5 will have great angle to flare 4 for a jump shot. Another possibility is looking for 5 slipping the flare screen. See More

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Basketball Play - Broncos Triple

Broncos Triple

Dana Beszczynski 02/22/2014

Coach Kerry Keating showed the diversity of the Broncos offensive sets in their game against BYU. This nice triple stagger screen action gives the PG a chance to really read what the best option is as the STS action sets up a post-up situation on either side of the floor. See More

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Basketball Play - Murray State SLOB to Triple Stagger

Murray State SLOB to Triple Stagger

Dana Beszczynski 02/21/2014

This Set Play run by Murray State from a SLOB situation is really well designed. The Racers use three sets of double staggered screens to get themselves into a position for the best shot in the offense. The timing and execution of this play was great to watch and Payne does a good job getting his post man a touch inside after a perfect read of the defense, using the zipper cut up the lane to take advantage of the defense cheating over the top. See More

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Basketball Play - Belmont Drag Screen Action

Belmont Drag Screen Action

Dana Beszczynski 02/20/2014

Rick Byrd is a master tactician as evident by the number and variety of sets he runs with the Belmont Bruins. The Bruins are also one of the most sound fundamental teams in America. This Drag Screen out of Transition is run perfectly setting up a Hi / Lo at the end with the Post Man working in a 4 Out 1 In look. The Bruins utitlize the G-G screen as an option to bring Bradshaw into a possible 3 pt shooting position. See More

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Basketball Play - Sun Devils Box Set

Sun Devils Box Set

Dana Beszczynski 02/19/2014

Arizona State pulled off the upset victory over their long time rivals Arizona on Friday night. Herb Sendek has proven he's a winning coach at every stop during his long career. The Sun Devils are 8-4 in the PAC 12 and overall 19-6 on the season. This Box Set was one of their most used plays on Friday night and it has 4 really solid options all predicated on whether the ball is entered in the post to start. With a guard-guard exchange on the baseline to begin, the back screen determines which the way the offense will go as this is designed to get Bachynski the ball in the post. The Set continues though when this option isn't available and overall, this is a highly effective, easy too install set play. See More

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Basketball Play - Syracuse Low Stack

Syracuse Low Stack

Dana Beszczynski 02/18/2014

Syracuse currenty sits atop the AP & Coaches Poll as the #1 team in the nation. Their record is 23-0 and in the last weeks, the Orange have kept their undefeated record intact by defeating the likes of Pittsburg (2x's), Duke, & this weekend N.C. State. Jim Boeheim has been a sideline fixture with the Orange for the last 37 years, guiding the Orange to 30 NCAA Tournaments, 4 NCAA Finals Fours, and 1 NCAA Championship. This Low Stack Action has a lot of movement, gives the shooters a chance to use the rub screen for a possible wing jumper or gives the post a chance to get a touch inside. See More

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Basketball Play - Box Power

Box Power

Kyle Gilreath 02/18/2014

Occasionally North Carolina's Roy Williams will pull PG Marcus Paige off of the ball and put him at the SG spot. This is exactly what he did in this play the Tar Heels ran in their win over Pittsburgh on Saturday afternoon. Furthermore, UNC big man James Michael McAdoo has been unstoppable on offense and continually fed him the ball in the post. Below you can see that the 3 screens McAdoo (4) into the post before setting the first screen of the stagger for Paige. See More

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Basketball Play - Racers PG Iso

Racers PG Iso

Dana Beszczynski 02/15/2014

The Murray State Racers have in Cameron Payne a Freshman with ultra quick footwork and the ability to breakdown defenders 1 v 1. This set utilizes that quickness starting in a 1-4 low set and using the wing man to set a screen on x5 giving the 5 man a chance to sprint to set a screen thus eliminating help. Payne reads the defender, rejects the screen and attacks the post side where he rubs his defender into the post and throws up a floater to the basket. See More

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Basketball Play - Belmont Horns

Belmont Horns

Dana Beszczynski 02/14/2014

Belmont has gone from a NAIA school to NCAA Division I under Head Coach Rick Byrd who is in his 28th season in charge. This Horns set relies on "reading" the defense and attacking the right option with the end SPNR action. Belmont players are so fundamentally sound and in Windler, they have the leading 3 pt shooter in the MVC. See More

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Basketball Play - Murray State Offense

Murray State Offense

Dana Beszczynski 02/13/2014

Murray State Head Coach Steve Prohm has taken the Racers to a 65-20 record entering his 3rd season at the helm. He is the fastest Coach in Racer history to reach 60 wins. This set play run in their MVC match-up against Belmont uses good spacing and ends with multiple passing options. The Racers are an exciting team to watch with Freshman PG Cameron Payne taking over the team. He is an explosive guard and does a good job reading the defense and getting everyone involved in the offense. See More

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Basketball Play - Santa Clara Double Ball Screen

Santa Clara Double Ball Screen

Dana Beszczynski 02/12/2014

Santa Clara ran this double ball screen action the other night in their match-up against BYU. This is a good set forcing the defense to make quick decisions on who to guard. The end result is a wide open shot from the short corner on the weak side as the defender on the 4 man goes to far too help on the pin down screen. Santa Clara ran a lot of nice sets in this game and Coach Keating does a good job getting his players in spots where they can be successful in the offense. See More

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