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Published 02/19/2015 by Randy Sherman Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Duke set they've been running since the Elton Brand, Shane Battier, Sheldon Williams, Jay Williams, JJ Redick days.

Ran tonight vs. UNC. 

Look for lob after side is cleared out

Then hi-lo action or a high ball screen looking to turn corner and draw defender. 

  • Basketball Play - "BLUE"
  • Basketball Play - "BLUE"
  • Basketball Play - "BLUE"
  • Basketball Play - "BLUE"
  • 1 dribbles at 2

    3 runs baseline off screen from 5 to right corner

    2 shallow cuts the runs off flare screen from 4 looking for lob.

  • If lob is not there

    Option 1:

    Pass to flare screener (4) who looks hi-lo to 5

    4 reverses to 2 then basket cuts.

    5 replaces up top

    1 cuts to ball side

  • Option 2

    1 uses the hi ball screen and turns the corner to draw defender from 2 (Jay Williams to JJ Redick!)


    1 can run PnR with 4 or go to the rim himself (Jay Williams!)


    5 replaces up top on the roll & replace

  • If 1 kicked out to 2 the action is reset