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Basketball Play - Arizona Set Play vs M2M

Arizona Set Play vs M2M

Dana Beszczynski 02/28/2014

This Arizona Wildcats Set Play vs M2M uses two sets of staggered screens to get either the 1 or the 2 man a good look at an open jumper, gives the 5 man a chance to operate inside, and incorporates good movement & replace action on the inside pass, forcing the defense into decisions on how to guard. Sean Miller's Wildcats team is exciting to watch and will certainly be one of the top seeds come NCAA Tournament time. See More

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Basketball Play - Florida DHO Action

Florida DHO Action

Dana Beszczynski 02/27/2014

The Florida Gators are one of the most exciting offensive teams to watch in the country. Head Coach Billy Donovan's sets are creative, tactically intelligent, and utilizes the strengths of his players. The Gators put their players in a position to get good shots from their sets. This DHO action moves the defense around and forces them to make quick decisions. This play really takes advantage of Young's ability to use his body inside for an easy lay-up or FT line opportunity. See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona Gate Screen

Arizona Gate Screen

Dana Beszczynski 02/26/2014

The Arizona Wildcats ran this "Gate Screen" action vs the Sun Devils in their upset loss Friday night. Johnson runs between the two big men who immediately close the screen looking to pin the defender behind, giving Johnson a wide open look at the 3 pt shot This play is well timed with the whole action starting on the dribble off the wing. See More

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Basketball Play - Arizona DHO

Arizona DHO

Dana Beszczynski 02/25/2014

The Arizona Wildcats have been enjoying a very successful season at 10-2 in the PAC-12 & 23-2 overall, they've been sitting atop the national polls. Sean Miller has rejuvenated the Wildcats program and made them a title contender once more. This DHO play is designed to either get the PG an open look at the 3 pt shot or take advantage of a clear-out sitation for an athletic 4 man See More

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Basketball Play - Flat


Bert DeSalvo 02/25/2014

Franklin Pierce MBB ran this flat ball screen set vs the University of New Haven on 1-18-14. The weak side is cleared so the DHO action in this set allows the dribbler who receives the handoff to get into the paint with ease. See More

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