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I just completed my 9th year at Lake Stevens HS in Lake Stevens, WA with the girls basketball program at the 4A level.  While having coached at other levels prior, this is my 1st head coaching position at the varsity level and it has been a tremendous ride to be a part of these past 8 years.

We have had a tremendous amount of success with 7 State Tournaments, 2 State Placings, 4 District 1 Championships to go along with 4 League Championships.  All the while having produced several D1 and D2 players, and many all league players as well.  My career record as a head coach sits at 163-63 with 2 State Coaches of the Year Awards in 2012 from the Washington State Girls Basketball Coaches Association and the NFHS to compliment more importantly the success the girls in our program have gotten to experience.

Advance Scout -- WNBA Atlanta Dream
Advance Scout -- WNBA Los Angeles Sparks

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Basketball Play - 2 Down

2 Down

Randall Edens 02/23/2023

2 goes off of 5's shoulder... as they do 4 pins the middle of the zone and 5 drops to the ball and looks for the pass and a quick score. 4 and 5 are shoulder to shoulder facing the hoop. Any Zone BLOB that enters to the corner (2) in this case... can drag the dribble to FT line and kick back to 1 stepping in to the corner. See More

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Basketball Play - Sideways


Randall Edens 05/08/2014

This another great quick hitting option that feeds a lot of scenarios with a lot of options based on personal and situation and score. We have gotten a lot of mileage out of this as no one wants to fight through 2 esssentially staggered screens and a switch forces a BIG to guard a LITTLE. This is something you could continue to run and get different things each time. See More

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Basketball Play - Thunder


Randall Edens 03/16/2014

Here's a set we have gotten a lot of mileage out of and run for different players, from different positions where we feel we have advantages and on both sides of the floor. Furthermore, it can get 3 great looks at any point in the game based on what you are looking for with regards to situation and score. Can also adapt slightly and run as a Zipper Set SLOB and net the same looks. See More

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Basketball Play - Scissors


Randall Edens 03/09/2014

March Madness is here! With the number of tournaments taking place in the month of March, here's a great chance to add to your library some quick hits for that critical score. That will be my focus of sharing is for that purpose to add an opportunity for a quick score. See More

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Basketball Play - Fist


Randall Edens 03/08/2014

Another Quick Hit for those immersed in March Madness and want to add a little wrinkle to their playbooks for the stretch run. Great set we like that if it doesn't prove to be fruitful will take us to our continuity offense we run. See More

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Basketball Play - Base 1, Base 2, Base 3

Base 1, Base 2, Base 3

Randall Edens 08/19/2013

This is my 3rd set of BLOB plays...this time a Baseline Series. We like to go with 1 specific set up unique to each season and to disguise a handful of sets in the same set up. So far I have shared a "Shapes" Series and a "Letter's" Series. Hopefully these with small adaptations to your personnel and use vs. Man or Zone can help win the "Special Situations" portion of each game for you. See More

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Basketball Play - L, O, I

L, O, I

Randall Edens 07/15/2013

Today's Entry is a Baseline Out of Bounds series of plays using 'Letter's' to not only communicate the play, but help with set up as well. Furthermore, we incorporate sign language here to disguise but to also teach our players a life long skill that is effective for play thieves who watch a lot of film. Plus, we have found it helps with our players focus in these situations believe or not so ENJOY. Frame 1 + 2 = " L " , Frame 3 + 4 = " O ", and Frame 5 + 6 = " I " I released a Stack series a few days ago... more BLOB's to come. Follow me @CoachEdens if you have any questions and I will be glad to help. See More

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Basketball Play - Stack 1, Stack 2 and Stack 3

Stack 1, Stack 2 and Stack 3

Randall Edens 07/09/2013

Today's Focus: Baseline Out of Bounds Sets that help with Set Up on the floor, communicating with hand signals the 'Call' itself and being effective at the same time with the design. Simple? Yes...but effective when done correctly. Typically, we will go with a different core of 3-5, similar set up, each season. We have specials too, but these here will be our staples pending the season. These are typical sets we run over the summer too as they are EASY to remember. Frame 1 + 2 = Stack 1, Frame 3 + 4 = Stack 2 and Frame 5 + 6 = Stack 3 Soon... a BOX Series, a Shapes Series and a Letter Series of BLOB plays from me. Any questions, please follow me @CoachEdens and shoot me a message and I'd be glad to help. See More

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