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Basketball Play - Flex Push

Flex Push

Randy Brown 05/16/2014

This action comes from the Flex set. Ball is reversed to 5 on initial pass. 3 cuts at 4, then pushed him across the lane and takes down screen from 1. Ball thrown back to 3 on right side and 2 cuts off 4 for lay up. See More

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Basketball Play - Flat Flex

Flat Flex

Kyle Gilreath 03/01/2014

Kevin Stallings' Commodores ran this BLOB action during their Super Tuesday match-up with the Florida Gators this week. Vanderbilt's 4-man did and excellent job finding X3 and setting a great screen to free up 3 for an open lay-up. See More

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Basketball Play - Hoosier Down

Hoosier Down

Randy Brown 02/11/2014

This is a good down screen/flex action followed by an on ball screen. Options are 4 coming off 5's down screen, 3's flex cut, and 1's penetration off ball screen. Three scoring options are available on 1's penetration; 1 drives to basket, dishes to 5, or dishes to 3 for shot. See More

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Basketball Play - Flex Up

Flex Up

Randy Brown 01/25/2014

Using a basic flex action, you can create a quick scoring opportunity. 3 flex cuts as ball is reversed. On 2-4 pass 3 sets up screen for 5. 5 cuts to the basket to score. On ball reversal, the regular flex action continues. See More

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Basketball Play - Terrapins 32 Hand-off Pop

Terrapins 32 Hand-off Pop

Dana Beszczynski 01/06/2014

Mark Turgeon is in his 3rd season with the Terps and led them to a 25 win season last year and an appearance in the NIT Semi-Finals This is a nice play which gives the shooter the option to read the defense and take advantage of what is given With Dez Wells, the Terps have an experienced player handling the ball with the ability to set-up the play as Coach Turgeon needs Layman is a lights out 3 pt shooter and in this play, he reads the defense jumping off the screen, quickly reacting, he cuts backdoor for a possible quick hit pass Wells makes the play work by coming back, receiving the hand-off and hitting the former Michigan State big man Smotrycz for an open 3 See More

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