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Published 09/18/2015 by Cody Toppert Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

While there is a plethora of calls and reads you can work off of, if you are trying to run Push / C-Game as a motion you may want to limit weak side elbow action to one or two things.  In this case we will review RIP, which is a rip screen into a flex look.  The 1 hits the 4 at the elbow, then the 5 sets the rip screen for the 1 who cuts to the basket and then sprints opposite to set the flex screen for the 3 in the corner.  After receiving the ball at the wing the 4 hits the 5 (big to big) and then sets the down screen on the 1 to complete the flex action.  The 5 can hit the 3 on the flex cut, the 1 on the pin down or go DHO with the 1 as well.  If he “checks down” and nothing is open DHO with the 2 is also an option.

  • Basketball Play - Rip

The 1 hits the 4 and then gets the rip screen (back screen) from the 5. The 4 then hits the 5 who screens and pops to reception. The 1 cuts off the back screen and sets a flex screen for the 3 in the corner. After passing to the 5, the 4 then completes the flex aciton with the down screen for the 1. If the 1 is not open the 5 can go DHO with the 1 to create the angle, or DHO with the 2 on the weak side.