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Basketball Play - 5 Out Motion Offense

5 Out Motion Offense

Joel Hueser 09/26/2021

We take great pride in being the best motion team we can be. Learning to play this way is not easy. I often compare motion to reading. It takes time, but once you know how it's really worth it. In order for our offense to be successful—we must play harder, smarter, and more together than our opponent. Our motion offense helps to coordinate all of our individual skills into a cohesive team unit. No longer will skills be thought of as individual, but rather a contributing asset to our team play. Each player will maintain his own creativity and initiative because our offense is flexible enough to expose such assets. Most often we function with four perimeter players around one inside player. There are also times when we are most efficient with our five best players on the floor. This five out, positionless concept is also the set we encourage all of our youth programs to implement. The advantages far outweigh the disadvantages. Too often a player is marked as a “big” early in his adolescence, only to stop growing by his freshman year. By this time his skill level is lagging behind the others and the transition back to the perimeter is insurmountable. If you are a youth coach, the greatest service you can do for your players is to teach them the fundamentals of the game and allow everybody to play inside and out. Our best teams have always been made up of highly skilled players who could do it all. See More

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Basketball Play - 5 Out Motion Offense: Middle Push Reads

5 Out Motion Offense: Middle Push Reads

KJ Smith 08/14/2018

The following reads are made in both the primary and secondary break. They can be the building blocks of an entire offensive system while developing the IQ and skill sets of your players. Circle: Corner player cuts to the rim as the wing player fades towards the corner for a shot. Drop: Wing player dives to the rim as the corner player lifts up to the wing for a shot. Down: Wing down screen towrads the corner where that player may fill up to the rim for a shot as well as curl or backdoor cut to the rim. The screener will either slip to the rim or pop out to the perimeter. Up: Corner lifts up to flare screen for the wing before slipping to the basket. The cutter may also curl to the rim. If the flare screener does not slip to the basket, they may sprint to the ball for a dribble handoff. See More

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Basketball Play - 4 Out 1 In Motion Offense

4 Out 1 In Motion Offense

Wizards Basketball Academy 04/18/2018

This 4 out, 1 in motion style offense is not a patterned or continuity style offense, but rather a set of rules designed to give players the ability to read and react to the defense. This offense is easy to learn yet hard to perfect. It's also very hard to scout and prepare for once fully implemented, due to its read and react nature. It is best used by teams that are guard heavy, but can be adjusted to fit any type of lineup. Jr. Wizards Coaches Manual See More

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Basketball Play - Villanova Wildcats Four-Out Ball Screen Motion Offense

Villanova Wildcats Four-Out Ball Screen Motion Offense

Randy Sherman 03/14/2016

Rules of the Villanova Wildcats Four-Out Ball Screen offense Encourages ball reversals and wide spacing. RULE: Any slot-to-slot pass = an interchange with the player below you RULE: Any slot-to-wing pass = shallow cut away through the logo and fill to the ball RULE: Low Post: When the ball is reversed away from you, sprint into the inside ball screen on the opposite slot RULE: Bigs when on the perimeter can slot screen or side screen for a guard, then roll and replace with other big See More

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Basketball Play - Motion Offense Breakdowns - 2/1 Downscreen

Motion Offense Breakdowns - 2/1 Downscreen

Randy Sherman 02/19/2015

This drill begins teaching cutters the reads needed to execute the four cuts of motion offense. Screener (1) begins with ball and passes to coach. Begin to add defense as a progression in motion offense breakdowns: Use a coach as a passer Only defend the wing (cutter) At first, tell defender how you want them to defend the downscreen. They can lock and trail, overplay high, go under (ballside) or get taken out by screen. Cutter gets the shot. Emphasize second cutting action by the screener in accordance with inside-outside principles. For the next progression, the drill should be run "live." Same drill except the defender can play the screen however. See More

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Basketball Play - Stanford Motion Offense

Stanford Motion Offense

Dana Beszczynski 02/01/2014

Johnny Dawkins played for and coached under Coach K at Duke and this influence can be seen by the good ball and player movement the Cardinals use in their Motion Offense The Cardinals keep the floor spaced for the kick-out pass and spot up 3 and keep the lane clear for good cuts looking to catch the defense See More

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