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Basketball Play - 7-Cut Drill Series

7-Cut Drill Series

Randy Sherman 01/22/2016

Drill progression for teach the 7-Cut or slip of the second screener in stagger. Drills progress to incorportate blast cut & back screen to reverse action. Use these drills as diagrammed to introduce the concepts then advance to 2-on-2 and 3-on-3 to emphasize the recognition of the defense. For more on the teaching and implementation of Motion Offense.... See More

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Basketball Play - Kansas - High Low

Kansas - High Low

FastModel Sports 12/08/2015

Here we take a look at the Kansas High Low Offense with a single screen option. This offense is run as a more complex alternative to the traditional motion offense. By moving one post to the top of the key, the alternating post has room to work inside the paint. Guards are constantly moving and cutting. This keeps the defense shuffling and the offense open for shots off the pass or dribble. - See More

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Basketball Play - 3-on-3 Guts

3-on-3 Guts

Randy Sherman 10/21/2015

3-on-3 Guts is an excellent live drill for reviewing and polishing your team defensive fundamentals. Further, it is a live drill to teach players how to get through adversity. It stresses the importance of getting and stringing together defensive stops. This drill is also an opportunity for the offense to use motion offense principles RULES: Defense must make four consecutive stops before going to offense Stops are defined as defensive rebounds, steals or out of bounds possessions If the offense scores or gets fouled, the defensive "stop count" goes back to zero Offensive charges count as four stops Offense goes down and back and a new offensive group comes on the floor Do not change directions until the ball touches the rim or offense scores (teams switch directions after Defensive rebouds or Offensive FGM) Check the ball in after steals and fouls Offense must inbound the ball on all out of bounds situations See More

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Basketball Play - San Antonio Spurs "Motion Weak"

San Antonio Spurs "Motion Weak"

Gibson Pyper 07/10/2015

The San Antonio Spurs have two basic options for their Motion Offense, called Motion Weak and Motion Strong. Taking a look at their Motion Weak, it starts with the point guard passing to the wing and cutting through the lane to the opposite wing. The ball is reversed through the trailing big, and the weakside guard cuts into the lane to set a cross screen for the firs big man down the floor. After the reversal, the point guard looks to enter the ball into the post, if the post is covered then the guard who screened across receives a down screen from the big at the top of the key. See More

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