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Basketball Play - Zig Zag Alley

Zig Zag Alley

Rory Hamilton 03/28/2017

Drill Set-up: Split your team into groups of two and line them up on the baseline. A coach will be at the top of the key on the other end of the floor. The drill starts with defensive player handing the offensive player the ball and assuming a legal guarding position. The offensive player establishes triple threat and looks to beat the defensive player 1 on 1 in the alley (lane to sideline). The goal of the defensive player is to get the offense to change directions twice before half court. Once the offensive player reaches half court, he or she will pass to the coach at the top of the key. The defensive must sprint to the level of the ball and communicate "help". The offensive player continues to the wing and uses a V-cut or L-cut to get open on the wing. The coach then will pass the ball to the player on the wing and defense closes out according to your defensive principles. On a catch, the offensive player only has three dribbles and must stay on one side of the floor. When guarding the offensive player and finishing the drill, coaches make sure each shot is challenged and followed by a box-out. You can make this drill competitive and have punitive consequences based upon what your team needs. For example, if you are having difficulty challenging shots than make every shot not contested have a consequence. Find what your team needs and make it a priority in the drill. See More

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Basketball Play - Northwestern "Chest"

Northwestern "Chest"

Dana Beszczynski 03/18/2017

Chris Collins has done a tremendous job since his arrival at Northwestern, leading them this year to their 1st ever NCAA Tournament appearance. His Offense has been getting rave reviews this year from everyone who has the chance to watch his Team. This Dribble Weave action sets up to what looks like a double stagger action for Lindsey, but ends up with Lindsey finishing the play on the opposite side of the court with the dribble penetration. Law does a great job coming back off the single screen action when Lindsey cuts backdoor on the baseline. This Northwestern squad is "gritty" and plays with a lot of enthusiasm and effort on both sides of the court! See More

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Basketball Play - Australia - EOG SLOB Handoff

Australia - EOG SLOB Handoff

Matt Wheeler 08/21/2016

Australia ran this play down 89-88 with 5.4 seconds left in their bronze medal game against Spain. Though Australia was unsuccessful in finishing with a score, this play provided 2 options for a handoff to get a ball handler going to the basket for a layup. Spain was able to fight through the first handoff option with 4 and deny it. On the second handoff option Australia was trying to get the ball to Patty Mills (2). x1 and x2 switched the screen and x1 denied the handoff, tipping the ball away and taking away a shot opportunity for the Australia. See More

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Basketball Play - Utah Post-Up Action

Utah Post-Up Action

Dana Beszczynski 01/25/2016

Having had the privilege of coaching against Jakob Poeltl here in Austria on many occasions, it has been enjoyable following his career to this point at Utah. Larry Krystkowiak is entering his 5th season at Utah and here is a post-up action run for Jakob Poeltl who has skyrocketed to the top of many NBA scouts lists for his ability to run the floor, soft hands, finishing ability, and shot blocking prowess. The Utes do a very good job moving the ball and getting Poeltl touches where he can use his skills to put the ball in the basket. Here is one of those sets. See More

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Basketball Play - Stagger Shooting (Phase A)

Stagger Shooting (Phase A)

Randy Sherman 05/02/2019

This Phase A Stagger Shooting drill can serve as a breakdown drill for Motion Strong. In Phase A drills the focus is on introduction and examination of technique. In this drill we are working on techniques such as setting up the screen, the footwork into the catch and shooting mechanics. There is a Dr Dish option in the catch-and-shoot phase of this drill as well. The goal is to progress to other phases of drilling which offer decisions for the offensive player as soon as possible. "Get to Game Like" Check out our Motion Strong Playbook for a complete look at the offense. Video Playbook: Staggered Screens See More

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Basketball Play - Miami Iverson Curl & Pop

Miami Iverson Curl & Pop

Kevin Bruinsma 07/15/2013

A late game set ran by the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals to free up #34 Ray Allen. He gets a screen from the 4 man, and then runs off a flare from the 5 looking for his jumper. The Spurs took away the flare allowing the pass to go to #1 Chris Bosh. On his catch then #34 Ray Allen went back door for a lay-up. See More

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