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About This Play/Drill

Chris Collins has done a tremendous job since his arrival at Northwestern, leading them this year to their 1st ever NCAA Tournament appearance.

His Offense has been getting rave reviews this year from everyone who has the chance to watch his Team.

This Dribble Weave action sets up to what looks like a double stagger action for Lindsey, but ends up with Lindsey finishing the play on the opposite side of the court with the dribble penetration.

Law does a great job coming back off the single screen action when Lindsey cuts backdoor on the baseline.

This Northwestern squad is "gritty" and plays with a lot of enthusiasm and effort on both sides of the court!

  • Basketball Play - Northwestern "Chest"
  • Basketball Play - Northwestern "Chest"
  • Basketball Play - Northwestern "Chest"
  • Basketball Play - Northwestern "Chest"
  • 1 (#30 McIntosh) executes a DHO with 4 (#4 Law) on the wing


    5 (#5 Pardon) lifts to the elbow setting up the next action

  • 4 (#4 Law) dribbles across the TOK and makes a "flip" pass to 3 (#34 Lumpkin) who cuts across to the opposite side on the weave action


    4 (#4 Law) cuts off the elbow setting up the next action

  • 3 (#34 Lumpkin) executes a DHO with 1 (#30 McIntosh) who centers the ball on the dribble


    2 (#20 Lindsey) moves like he will take the DBL Stagger from 4 (#4 Law) & 5 (#5 Pardon), but instead cuts hard baseline off the rub screen from 3 (#34 Lumpkin)


    4 (#4 Law) turns and comes off the single screen from 5 (#5 Pardon) out to the wing for a possible 3 pt shot

  • 4 (#4 Law) having no shot hits 5 (#5 Pardon) in the Post-up


    The ball is thrown out of the post to 1 (#30 McIntosh) who passes to 2 (#20 Lindsey) on the wing who drives the ball at the basket