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Basketball Play - Pick & Roll Shooting Drill

Pick & Roll Shooting Drill

Kyle Gilreath 02/12/2015

This set of pick & roll shooting drills is one of my favorites for player development. There are 189 total moves below to work on different pick & roll coverages and methods of attack at the three most popular angles. In order to keep your workouts efficient and energetic, take just one action and focus on 3-4 moves within that action from all three angles. Do not allow your players to just go through the motions, set a goal to reach during each set. Example: You MUST make 7-10 before moving to the next sequence. See More

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Basketball Play - USA Shooting

USA Shooting

FastModel Sports 02/03/2015

Players 1, 2 & 3 pass & weave down the court, ending with a left handed lay-up. The two players who didn't shoot the lay-up recieve passes from Player 4 & Player 5 for 10-15ft jump shots. The player that shot the lay-up, along with Players 4 & 5, pass & weave to the other end of the floor. Drill continues with one lay-up & two jump shots on each end. See More

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Basketball Play - Continuous Shooting

Continuous Shooting

FastModel Sports 01/27/2015

This drill is all about getting shots up. Split your team into two groups at separate baskets, each side with four balls. Start with one line at the top of the key and another on the baseline. Each line has two balls. The player on the baseline starts by curling to the wing 10-15 feet from the basket. They receive a pass from the first player in the other line and proceed to take a jump shot and get their own rebound. Once a player makes the pass they curl to the wing for their own shot, receiving a pass from the next player in the opposite line. Each player gets their own rebound and returns to the opposite line from where they started. Each player gets two shots at each shooting position (left wing, top of the key, right wing) before the lines move to the next position. The drill is completed when the players shoot from each position (left wing, top of the key, right wing) two times. The teams at each basket are competing for the most makes…losing team runs. See More

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Basketball Play - Wing Square-Ups

Wing Square-Ups

FastModel Sports 01/27/2015

The purpose of this drill is to practice squaring up hard on the wing; in other words, getting your shoulders turned all the way towards the basket and forcing your defender to move backwards in order to avoid committing a foul. Players pass the ball to a coach at the top of the 3-point line, take a step towards the basket, and then square-up to the basket as they receive the ball back from the coach. Once receiving the ball, they swing the ball aggressively over the tops of their shoes (low to the ground) and attack the basket along the baseline. Lines alternate driving along the baseline until the team makes 30 lay-ups, and then both lines switch to attacking middle for 30 made lay-ups. Players can switch up the type of lay-up they do to add variety to the drill. This is a drill for the whole team, not just your wing players. See More

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Basketball Play - 1 on 1 Cone Drill

1 on 1 Cone Drill

Fabian McKenzie 12/27/2014

Coach calls "GO" Players sprint toward cones Coach calls "LEFT" or "RIGHT" Players break around cones (touch baseline if you don't have or wish to use cones) to that side and outside player is on offense. In this example, coach calls "RIGHT" and 1 is on offense. Move cones to different spots on floor to change angles of attack See More

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Marc Skelton 12/01/2014

It was going to impossible for teams to stop Kyrie Irving and LeBron James. With the addition of Kevin Love the Cavs look to be the favorites in the Eastern Conference. Here is a play coach David Blatt ran in Israel. Coach Nick at BBALLBREAKDOWN called this "Flying Death Machine" See More

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Basketball Play - Three Lane Fly

Three Lane Fly

Alan Peel 11/13/2014

This is a drill designed to help build a transition offense and to condition through practice. For this drill, dribbling and traveling are prohibited while only lay-ups are permitted. For more, check out my website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - 1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out

1 vs 2 Post Double Pass Out

Drew Hanlen 10/09/2014

This is a drill from my Team Toughness Drill Book. You can get a copy of the complete drill book at This drill is great for post players because it works on the following: -Establishing position -Scoring if you get a deep catch -Reading the nail defender -Escaping double teams -Passing out of traps -Flashing from weak-to-strong side -Scoring in a 1v1 situation See More

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Basketball Play - Mustang Drill

Mustang Drill

Alan Peel 09/17/2014

This is a drill that can be run early in practice as a way to get players to work on fundamentals related to conditioning, passing, and finishing lay-ups. For more, check out the website, sign up for a membership and get your first 30 days free. See More

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Basketball Play - Rim Run Drill

Rim Run Drill

Kyle Gilreath 08/27/2014

One reason many of the bigs out of the University of Florida have so much success professionally is that Head Coach Billy Donovan puts them through numerous drills from the NBA level to prepare them. This drill-set is from today's NBA Draft Combine and one that Coach Donovan utilizes very often with his talented bigs. Not only is this a great conditioning drill, but also allows you to put your bigs in multiple situations in small window. See More

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Basketball Play - Randolph Drill

Randolph Drill

Fabian McKenzie 08/27/2014

This is a tremendous early season conditioning drill. It is a very tough drill to do when you stress that the players get to the corners and take no shortcuts. We will do this for 1 minute on each side building up to 3-4 minutes a side. You can choose the dribble moves they use and also what type of finish you would like at the rim. Lastly, once they know the drill, when you want to run sprints, suicides, lines, etc. think of running this instead. Lots of handling, passing and finishing. See More

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Basketball Play - Never Too Late Drill

Never Too Late Drill

Fabian McKenzie 07/22/2014

Offensive Players line up at half court line X2 lines up whereever the coach wishes to create different angles and timing. X1 lines up at opposite free throw line Coach throws the ball to one of the offensive lines. X2 comes in to stop ball, X1 comes in as trailer to become help defense 1 for a score - 2 for a stop or Turnover Too much time on offense = TO play for 2-3 min each Could also make this a live 2 on 2 in opposite direction after score or stop See More

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