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Published 02/13/2015 by Kyle Gilreath Favorite Send to FastDraw Print Embed

About This Play/Drill

Yesterday I shared Part 1 of Ballscreen Shooting which incorporated three different types of screening actions.

The technique the throw-behind in Frame 1, is essentially a quick evade dribble. You are trying to throw the ball out in front of you, in an effort to create separation from the hedging defender, while also making it difficult for the initial defender to recover in time before the quick release jumper.

Do not allow your players to just go through the motions, set a goal to reach during each set. Example: You MUST go 7-for-10 before moving to the next sequence.

  • Basketball Play - Ballscreen Shooting (2)
  • Basketball Play - Ballscreen Shooting (2)
  • Dribble at cone and simulate that the defense hedges and you are able to spit the screen. However, this time you will perform a throw-behind dribble to separate away from the defense. (Repeat each frame at all 3 spots on the floor)



    -Pull up jumpers

  • Use the screen as if the defense hard hedged, take a change of direction dribble (crossover or between legs) and simulate your big re-screening with a step-up angle.



    -Pull up jumper

    -Strong side rim finishes (both hands)

    -Weak side rim finishes (both hands)


    -Step back jumpers

    -Step back cross-overs

    -Hop thru finishes